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Benefits Enrollment #’s for the New Plan Year

The UT System consists of nine academic universities and six health institutions. As of September 1, 2008, there are approximately 200,000 employees, retired employees, and dependents enrolled in at least one benefit plan through UT System. The table below summarizes current enrollment by plan for all UT System employees, retirees and dependents.

September 2008 Summary of Enrollment by Plan

Group Insurance Plans Subscribers* Dependents Total
UT SELECT Medical (Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas) 96,163 70,842 167,005
UT SELECT Dental (Delta Dental) 63,069 55,515 118,584
Dental HMO (Assurant) 12,356 10,917 23,273
Vision Superior Vision) 59,261 51,633 110,894
Voluntary Group Term Life (Fort Dearborn Life) 50,393 47,303 97,701
Voluntary AD&D (Fort Dearborn Life) 37,468 41,979 79,447
Short Term Disability (Hartford) 18,655 n/a 18,655
Long Term Disability (Hartford) 35,695 n/a 35,695
Long Term Care (CNA) 5,800 896 6,696
UT FLEX Medical (PayFlex) 18,347 n/a 18,347
UT FLEX Dependent Care (PayFlex) 2,487 n/a 2,487

*Subscribers include employees (active and leave), retirees, surviving spouses, and COBRA participants

Inbox @ OEB

Superior Vision Benefits ID Card
Fully insured Vision Care benefits are offered by Superior Vision Care. With the beginning of the new benefits year September 1, 2008, the Office of Employee Benefits has received a number of phone calls and emails in the OEB mailbox regarding the layout and use of the Superior Vision ID card. The ID card ( features two identification numbers on the top right corner. The first identification is alpha-numeric and is recognizable as your Benefits ID number which also appears on your UT SELECT benefits card. This alpha-numeric number is your Superior Vision ID number that your provider will use to verify benefits over the telephone or through the Superior Vision website. You should use the alpha-numeric number to submit paper claims, also.

The numeric ID number is used primarily by providers who choose to receive authorizations through their fax-back authorization service and through the Provider Portal on Superior’s website. The numeric ID number is also useful since it can be utilized through any claims submission method.

Read more about your Vision benefits at the dedicated UT System Superior Vision website:

Benefits Reminder

The UT FLEX Grace Period runs from September 1, 2008 through November 15, 2008, and the deadline to submit UT FLEX claims for the 2007 – 2008 plan year is November 30, 2008.

For more information about the UT FLEX Grace Period and claim deadline, review the UT FLEX article ( in the September 2008 “A Matter of Health” newsletter.

For more information about the UT FLEX accounts, visit

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