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Retirement Corner

Fees and Expenses Within the UTRetirement Program

With recent discussions of fees and expenses in retirement plans, this is a good time to take a look at the services and funds available within the UT Retirement Program.

All six of the UTRetirement Program authorized providers (AIG Retirement, Fidelity, ING, TIAA-CREF, MetLife and Lincoln) offer in-person appointments, risk tolerance and retirement goal assessments, establish asset allocation models and even offer a suggestion of company fund options at no cost to you. With some providers, you can pay a fee, not to exceed 2%, and have your retirement account actively managed for you.

Regarding the investment fund options, there are no annual administrative fees or other recurring fixed fees associated with the funds in the UT Retirement Program. In many cases, the only expense is the fund expense ratio of whichever funds you elect, and the total expense ratio of each fund in the UT Retirement Program is not allowed to exceed the asset category average.

Tracking fees and expenses is an important part of your investment portfolio. As a participant in the UTRetirement Program, you now have ample opportunity not only to select funds with some of the lowest expense ratios, but you also have the option to take advantage of a whole suite of free or low cost services to assist in your retirement planning needs.

You can view all funds and the expense ratios under the Fund Performance Summary located at You can also view a list of services offered by the providers at

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