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Insurance Insights

Annual Enrollment Election Period Over

Don’t Forget to Submit Your Evidence of Insurability Forms!
During Annual Enrollment (July 1 – July 31, 2009), if you made an insurance election on “My UT Benefits” that required completion of an evidence of insurability (EOI) form, the EOI form must be electronically submitted (through “My UT Benefits”) or postmarked by August 15, 2009.

Insurance Identification Cards

Separate New ID Cards to be Issued for UT SELECT Medical (BCBSTX) and UT SELECT Prescription Drug (Medco) Plans
New State requirements for insurance identification (ID) cards were passed during the Texas Legislative Session earlier this year. The result is that  beginning with plan year 2009-2010, UT employees and retirees will receive separate ID cards for the UT SELECT Medical plan (administered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas) and the UT SELECT Prescription Drug plan (administered by Medco Health Solutions).

What to know about your new UT SELECT Medical ID Card
Before September 1, 2009, you will receive your new UT SELECT Medical ID card from BCBSTX. This new Medical ID Card will feature the same information you are accustomed to seeing on your current ID card including your name and Benefit ID (BID) number, the UT System Group Number, copayment information for Family Care and Specialist office visits, ER copayment information, telephone numbers for Customer Service and more. The UT SELECT Medical ID card will no longer contain any prescription drug information.

Please do not discard your current UT SELECT ID card until you receive your replacement ID cards. Even though the office visit copayment amounts are changing on the new ID card, you can still access your benefits with the old ID card.

After you receive your Medical ID card in the mail, you can contact Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Customer Service at 1-866-882-2034 to request additional ID cards for your covered dependents.

What to know about your new UT SELECT Prescription Drug ID Card
Before September 1, 2009, you will receive your new UT SELECT Prescription Drug ID card from Medco. The new Prescription Drug ID card will feature information specific to your prescription drug benefits (no UT SELECT Medical benefits will be listed). Included on the ID card will be your name, Benefit ID (BID) number, UT System group number, new deductible and copayment information (for both retail and mail order), information regarding Medco Member Services, and other Medco resources.

Until you receive your new UT SELECT Prescription Drug ID card, you should continue to use your current UT SELECT ID card to obtain prescription benefits. While the copayment amounts will differ on the new Prescription Drug ID card, your prescription benefits can be accessed through the information printed on the current UT SELECT ID card.

After you receive your Prescription Drug ID card in the mail, you can contact Medco Member Services at 1-800-818-0155 to request additional ID cards for your covered dependents.

Superior Vision ID Cards
 Beginning September 1, 2009, Superior Vision will revise its ID Card to show the new Contact Lens Fitting Fee. Current UT enrollees in the vision plan will not be mailed revised ID Cards (unless they make a change in coverage during this Annual Enrollment to be effective September 1, 2009); however, current enrollees can log into the secure online portal on Superior Vision's website at to print an updated card. New enrollees effective September 1, 2009 and later will be mailed the revised ID Card.

PayFlex Debit Card
New UT FLEX Medical enrollees who selected the PayFlex Debit Card for plan year 2009-2010 can expect to receive their debit card in the mail prior to September 1, 2009. Current debit card users who made a UT FLEX election for 2009-2010 should check their current debit card for the expiration date. If the card is set to expire in August 2009, you will receive a new PayFlex Debit Card prior to September 1, 2009 as well. If the card does not expire in August 2009, you should retain the card and the new election will be loaded onto the current card effective September 1, 2009.

Wellness and Preventive Health Benefits
UT SELECT members have inquired, and the Office of Employee Benefits is pleased to announce that the Wellness and Preventive Health Benefits expanded under UT SELECT in September 2008 will continue during plan year 2009-2010 including colonoscopy benefits paid at 100%* (if performed by a network physician at a network facility). The colonoscopy benefit covers the cost of the procedure and associated charges such as member copayment, member coinsurance, outpatient facility charges, and physician fees. In addition, the colonoscopy benefit will not be subject to the plan year $250 individual network deductible. With this enhanced colonoscopy benefit, UT SELECT members can have the procedure with no out-of-pocket cost under most circumstances.

*The 100% colonoscopy benefit is based on receiving treatment from a BCBSTX network physician. If treatment is received from a non-network physician, members will be subject to the lower non-network benefit that requires an out-of-pocket cost including a $500 plan year deductible per individual and 40% coinsurance of the allowable amount for the procedure. Any charges over the allowable amount are the member's/patient's responsibility.

The following link includes a table that illustrates the comprehensive list of Preventive Care benefits available either  with no out-of-pocket cost or at the office copayment

MEDCO-Get prescription reminders right on your desktop: Download the Medco Refill Reminder widget today!

UT SELECT members can participate in a Medco Pilot project known as the Medco Refill Reminder program.   The Medco Refill Reminder widget is a small downloadable tool that lives on your desktop and reminds you when it’s time to refill. As this program is still in the pilot phase, there is limited enrollment at this time. Based upon feedback and results, all UT SELECT enrollees may one day soon be able to enroll in the program as full participants.

Three reasons the Medco Refill Reminder widget could help you

  1. It keeps track of your prescription activity, displaying the number of days’ supply remaining on each of the prescriptions you have chosen to include.
  2. It alerts you when it’s time to refill your retail or mail-order prescriptions.
  3. One click on the "go to" button will take you straight to when you want to refill or renew a mail-order prescription.

It’s easy to get started: Just log on to go to the Download center. Follow the instructions to install the Yahoo! Widgets platform and launch the Medco Refill Reminder widget.
That’s it! Your widget is now on your screen, linked to your prescriptions.

The Medco Refill Reminder widget will run on a PC or Mac with any of these operating systems: Windows XP (Service Pack 2), Windows 2000 (Service Pack 4), Windows Vista, or Macintosh OS 10.3.9 or higher.
Medco appreciates your participation in the Medco Refill Reminder widget pilot program! Should you experience any issues with the widget or have suggestions on how the widget can be improved, please use the “Contact us” feature through

Keeping track of your prescriptions is important to your health. Download the Medco Refill Reminder widget today.

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