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Retirement Corner

Retirement Program Education Videos

The University of Texas System is pleased to present a series of new education presentations to assist you in your retirement and financial planning.  The presentations are just a click away and can be viewed on your computer at any time.
The five presentations are:

  1. Staying The Course—What is happening in the financial world?   Find out in this informative presentation and also learn tips for staying focused on long term retirement goals, while at the same time avoiding common retirement mistakes.
  2. Is TRS Enough?—The Teacher Retirement System offers eligible retirees a fixed amount of retirement income, but will that amount be enough to fund your retirement years?   Learn about the basic TRS benefits and how you can use your UTSaver Voluntary retirement plans to fill the retirement income gap.
  3. On the Plus Side – Managing Debt—Learn useful tips for managing debt.  While it is important to start saving for retirement, it is equally important to stay out of debt to maximize that saving.
  4. Are you on Target? –The focus of this presentation is on long term financial security and goals, and how you can use budget and saving tips to reach those goals.
  5. Retirement Strategies for Life—This presentation discusses the changing income and expense requirements that new retirees face and provides tips for inflation protection and different possible distribution methods following retirement.

These presentations and a wealth of other information can be found at the UT System website at: in the spotlight section.

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