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Holiday Travel: Using UT SELECT While You are Away from Home

As thoughts turn to planning for the upcoming holiday season, the furthest thing from our thoughts may be what to do if we need to access medical services while we are celebrating with friends and family. While we certainly hope for a safe and healthy holiday season for everyone, medical needs sometimes come up when we least expect them.

At home, you probably already know how your UT SELECT coverage works and where to find medical help if needed. While traveling, more questions may come up, especially if your travels take you outside of Texas or even abroad. 

Please enjoy happy, safe, and healthy holidays, and keep the information below from the UT SELECT Benefits Guide in mind should you need medical help when you are away from home.

Tips for Domestic Travel:

If your travels take you outside of the United States, you have access through the BlueCard Worldwide program to hospitals on almost every continent and to a broad range of medical assistance services. You may also file claims to access benefits for covered prescription medications obtained while traveling outside of the United States.

Additional Tips for Travel Abroad:

If you have any additional questions or concerns about accessing and maximizing your UT SELECT benefits for medical services while traveling away from home, please contact UT SELECT customer service at (866) 882-2034 or visit the Blue Access for Members UT SELECT website maintained by BCBSTX. For more information about your UT SELECT prescription benefits while you travel, please contact Medco Health at (800) 818-0155 or visit the Medco Health UT SELECT website. You may also visit the Office of Employee Benefits website to learn more about your UT SELECT medical and prescription coverage or any of your UT Benefits.

New Pricing Enhancements

Available November 18, 2009, online pricing applications on – including the My Rx Choices® – were updated to provide greater flexibility in claims pricing with deductibles. This is being done in order to give Medco members the most accurate pricing data available via

The added flexibility allows members to have co-pay and annual costs calculated as though they have (or have not) satisfied their deductible. Previously, all online pricing and savings tools calculated using point-in-time deductible amounts. With this enhancement, members will be able to change this default and recalculate prescription pricing assuming the deductible has been met, or take advantage of real-time deductible pricing. 

The new enhancements provide increased visibility and help you make more informed decisions about prescription costs and possible savings opportunities.

Did You Know?
Medco pharmacists are available 24/7 via Medco Customer Service to discuss your prescription-related questions. Also, patients with chronic and complex diseases can contact a Medco Specialist pharmacist who has expertise discussing long-term medications used to treat conditions like Diabetes, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Asthma, Depression, Cancer, and health concerns specific to women.

If you prefer to email your questions, you can utilize Medco’s secure email service and “Ask the Specialist Pharmacist” a question from within website. Most inquiries are responded to within 24 hours. All questions are handled privately and confidentially.

The services provided to you by Medco are available to UT SELECT participants whether the prescription is filled at retail or through Medco By Mail.

Contact Medco Customer Service at 1-800-818-0155 or visit for more information.

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