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Healthy Recipes of the Month

16 Superior Snacks

We've taken the mystery out of finding healthy grub. Snack time's a prime time to work nutritious foods into your diet. If you're hungry for something—but not sure what—figure out how many calories to consume (50 to 100 if your next meal is within two hours; 150 to 200 if it's more than that). Then reach for one of these no-fuss, stay-full snacks that deliver energy and much-needed nutrients. Each contains at least a little protein, which will help you stay full longer. You can even find a few of them in your office vending machine.

50 calories

100 calories

150 calories

200 calories

Tips for snacking

Smart Snacking for Exercise- What to eat before and after workouts to keep your energy levels high.

Smart Snacking- Four situations where eating between meals can work for you.

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