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Retirement Corner

Selecting the Best: Criteria for the selection of The University of Texas Retirement Providers

In the current economic market, it is important to remember some of the reasons our current retirement providers were selected and some of the standards that must be maintained in order to continue as a retirement provider.

In September 2006, the University of Texas System selected six companies to provide retirement plan services to all UT employees across the state. The selection process was completed with only one goal in mind: to provide the best retirement services and investment options possible to all UT Employees. Fidelity, ING, Lincoln Financial, MetLife Resources, TIAA-CREF and VALIC were selected as the six authorized providers because each met or exceeded the criteria established and continue to meet the criteria today.

Financial Strength:



Every one of the six currently authorized providers has worked in a close partnership with UT to continue to provide outstanding investment opportunities to UT System employees at the lowest cost available. Make sure to take advantage of your UTSaver 403(b) Tax Sheltered Annuity or UTSaver 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan today.

Annual Eligibility Notice, UTSaver 403(b) and 457(b) Retirement Plans

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