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PayFlex Announces New Interactive Voice Recognition Enhancements

PayFlex Systems USA, Inc., the administrator for the UT FLEX flexible spending accounts, has announced new Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) enhancements to aid and assist callers to PayFlex Customer Service. Effective November 4, 2009, the new IVR enhancements will permit utilization of voice recognition technology to:

You can review your flexible spending account information online at or by contacting PayFlex Customer Service at (866) 887-3539.

UT FLEX Grace Period

The UT FLEX Grace Period allows UT FLEX Medical Expense Reimbursement Account participants an additional 2 ½ months each year (September 1 through November 15) to incur eligible expenses at the end of the plan year. By incurring eligible health related purchases or services during the grace period, UT FLEX medical participants can avoid forfeiting any leftover funds from the 2008-2009 plan year that ended on August 31, 2009.

Notice for Medical Expense Reimbursement Account Members: The grace period for your 2008-2009 UT FLEX Medical Expense Reimbursement Account will end on Sunday, November 15, 2009.

Notice for Day Care Reimbursement Account Members: The grace period does not apply to the Dependent Day Care Account.

Important: Claims Filing Deadline

All claims for the 2008-2009 plan year (which ended August 31, 2009), including those incurred during the additional 2 ½ month grace period for the Medical Expense Reimbursement Account, must be filed no later than November 30, 2009, or they will not be eligible for reimbursement.

Substantiating PayFlex Debit Card Purchases

If you are enrolled in the Medical Expense Reimbursement Account and elected the PayFlex Debit Card, the IRS requires that PayFlex, on behalf of UT FLEX, obtain substantiation for most debit card purchases. UT has authorized PayFlex to automatically substantiate copayment charges and reoccurring purchases, provided the purchase price is consistent with prior purchases and UT SELECT costs, and the cost matches the carrier’s Explanation of Benefits (EOB) information.

Despite the automatic substantiation feature, it is best to keep copies of all Debit Card transaction receipts for substantiation purposes in the event you are asked for a receipt. This includes itemized cash register receipts that list the merchant name, name of the item/product, date and amount. PayFlex sends receipt request letters on a quarterly basis to participants of the UT FLEX program.

If you receive a letter requesting a copy of an itemized receipt, you should comply with the request by following the instructions on the request. If you fail to respond to the request by the stated deadline, your debit card may be inactivated. On a monthly basis, the Office of Employee Benefits sends targeted e-mail messages to those individuals holding inactivated UT FLEX Debit Cards in an effort to make you aware of the card’s status and to offer three viable solutions for resolution. In addition, the e-mail offers guidance on how you can access your UT FLEX account to determine which debit card transactions require additional substantiation.

An excellent example of additional substantiation is when, after providing PayFlex with an itemized receipt, another request is sent for the insurance Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from either BCBSTX or your Dental insurance provider.  PayFlex ensures that you are only reimbursed the actual out of pocket medical expenditure.  Their review often identifies instances where the provider has overcharged you, accepted the insurance proceeds, and is carrying a “credit balance” until they next see you as a patient.

Sending in the itemized receipt with the original letter is ideal.  The letter has a “document ID” which facilitates the matching of your receipt to the exact debit card transaction in questions.  The original letter can be reprinted from your on-line UT FLEX Account using the “Documents” feature from the menu.   If the letter cannot be reprinted, referencing the Claim Number is another excellent choice.  The claim number is assigned to the debit card transaction when it is processed and is visible when reviewing your account online at

Lastly, the Office of Employee Benefits provides customer support for participants holding inactivated debit cards.  Our office responds to your e-mails and phone calls in a timely fashion so that access to your account can be restored as quickly as possible.

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