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Generic Medications – Why It Is Not Just About Lower Prices

As noted in recent issues of the “A Matter of Health” newsletter and discussed at Annual Enrollment events, the increasing costs associated with prescription drug claims have made it necessary to make changes to the prescription deductible and copayment schedule. For the UT SELECT self-funded prescription drug benefit program, the annual deductible will increase to $100 per individual per plan year. Copayments for both retail and home delivery prescriptions will increase for both preferred and non-preferred brand name medications. However, the copayments for generic retail and home delivery prescriptions will remain the same again for plan year 2009/2010.

At a time when consumers are watching more carefully than ever how their healthcare dollars are spent, utilizing generic medications rather than more expensive brand name medications can help save money. In response to the growing utilization of generic drugs,  the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) posted a revised “Facts and Myths about Generic Drugs” information sheet to their website in July 2009.

Read more about the “Facts” and “Myths” of generic drugs.

Annual Enrollment Elections – Check Your September Paycheck!
Per OEB Administrative Policy 310.6, the only allowable change to Program Coverage during a plan year, other than a qualified change in status, is to correct an administrative error made during the initial period of eligibility or during the annual enrollment period that resulted in an unintended election.

However, per Policy 310.6.2, an employee’s request for a change in coverage will only be considered upon the employee’s submission of “clear and convincing evidence” of the mistake within 31 days of receipt of the first payroll check that contains the error in the coverage.

Check your first paystub or earnings statement after September 1 carefully to ensure that your Annual Enrollment elections are accurate.

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