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Your UT System Benefits: Review and Forecast

The cost of health care nationwide continues to rise at record rates. For the UT SELECT Medical plan, the current claims trend is 9%, and current premium rates are deficient by 5%. What does this mean for you?

Is there any good news? Yes, compared to many health care plans, your UT SELECT Medical coverage is full of features that ultimately save you money:

What is new starting September 1, 2010?

In an environment of uncertainty, we must all take steps to manage the costs of the UT SELECT Medical plan. The Office of Employee Benefits is proud of the fact that our administrative costs are less than half of the national average. Still, we take seriously the obligation to offer a robust benefits package to the entire UT System family, and to provide health & wellness tools and resources necessary for individuals to effectively manage their health.

What can you do to help reduce costs?

Be a responsible health care consumer by scheduling annual well visits to your doctor, by utilizing available resources such as smoking cessation, weight management, and online exercise and nutrition programs, and by making it a priority to live well. 

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