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Insurance Insights

Annual Enrollment – Early Preparations are Underway
Even though Annual Enrollment for Plan Year 2010-2011 begins July 1, 2010, the Office of Employee Benefits has already begun planning its communication strategies and information campaign. As in past years, OEB will be rolling out one to two benefits topics in each of the upcoming newsletters leading up to Annual Enrollment. Topics to be highlighted include plan design changes, premium rate information, Annual Enrollment communication resources (online presentations), and more.

OEB’s monthly newsletter, “A Matter of Health,” will once again serve as your primary source of information related to Annual Enrollment and benefits information, so please watch your email inbox closely on the first Wednesday of each month for your electronic newsletter to arrive.

Benefits Plan Information

The Office of Employee Benefits (OEB) is statutorily required to solicit bids from insurance carriers once every six years, or sooner at the discretion of OEB. For benefits plans effective September 1, 2010, the following plans have been submitted for competitive bid to the Texas Marketplace:

Within the next few months, final analysis of competitive bids will be completed and vendors will be selected. Following the selections, OEB will announce the chosen vendors in the “A Matter of Health” newsletter, as well as provide details on any plan enhancements.

Getting the Most Out of Your Next Doctor Visit

The last thing you need when you’re sitting awkwardly on that crinkly paper-covered exam table is to have to try to gather your thoughts and remember all the details you wanted to discuss with your doctor.. You may have already put off your visit longer than you should; your mind is most likely busy with details about work, family, and life in general; and, you’ll probably only get a few brief moments with the doctor while you’re there. Being prepared ahead of time can help you have a much more productive visit with your doctor and can help keep you healthier.

People often say that they leave the doctor’s office without getting important questions answered or that they don’t have a clear understanding of the goals of their own treatment. Many also note that their doctor doesn’t regularly review their list of medications and may not even know about certain medications that have been prescribed by other providers. Being caught in these situations can lead to serious health consequences. These ideas can help you keep the lines of communication between you and your doctor open and constructive so that you can be sure that you get the best possible care and information.

Tips for Better Communication with Your Doctor:

You can also take these additional steps to help keep yourself in the best possible health and to keep your out of pocket costs for healthcare as low as possible.

Additional Tips for Managing Your Care and Coverage:

If you have any questions or concerns about any UT SELECT medical claim, please contact BCBSTX Customer Service at (866) 882-2034, visit the Blue Access for Members website maintained by BCBSTX, or go to the Office of Employee Benefits website to learn more about the plan design. For questions about alternate medications or other prescription related issues that your provider cannot assist you with, contact Medco Customer Service at (800) 818-0155 or visit the Medco website for tools and tips to help keep your prescription costs down.

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