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What can your UTRetirement Program Providers do for you?

What can your UTRetirement Program Providers for you?
You may have asked yourself this question or wondered about it from time to time. The answer turns out to be, “Quite a lot – for quite little cost.” The University of Texas System has partnered with six leading financial companies to provide not only investment savings opportunities to UT System employees, but also a host of related services that employees can access for free.

What can you expect from your UTRetirement Providers for free?

  1. An in person appointment at your convenience, on your schedule.
  2. Someone to discuss all your retirement plan options as an employee of the University of Texas System.
  3. Someone to assist you in determining your risk tolerance and retirement goals
  4. Someone to consider your outside assets
  5. Someone to provide you models and available funds to help you determine just how you should allocate your money to maximize your savings and earnings, and in some cases even to suggest which funds might be best for you.

What if you want more?
If and when you are ready to move beyond these basic services, some providers have agents who can do more than just suggest funds and meet you with, but can actively manage your accounts for you for an additional fee.

What if you want even more?
For those employees who are sufficiently educated in the market or who have extensive financial advice available, some providers also offer a Self Directed Brokerage Account that allows you to invest in funds outside those within the UT System fund line up.  This service is available for an annual fee.

The UTRetirement Programs is proud of its partnership with its providers and encourages everyone to take advantage of the many services that are available to you!

To learn more about the approved providers and the services available to you, please visit our website at

This information is intended for general informational purposes only.  You should not consider it tax, legal or investment advice.  In the event that anything in this newsletter conflicts with the UT System Retirement Program plan documents, UT System policies, or state or federal law, the UT System Retirement Program plan documents, UT System policies, or state or federal law will govern.  Please consult your tax, legal or investment advisor for assistance with your personal situation.

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