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Preventive Colon Cancer Screening: 100 Percent Covered

Have you added a routine colon exam to your preventive screening checklist? If not, then maybe you should. The UT SELECT Preventive Care Program currently provides 100 percent coverage for preventive colon cancer screening by way of colonoscopy or CT colonography - also know as virtual colonoscopy. This valuable benefit is available to all employees and dependents covered under the UT SELECT medical plan. No copayment or other out of pocket costs are required for preventive screenings with in-network physicians at any in-network facility.

The American Cancer Society estimates more than 106,000 men and women in the United States were diagnosed with colon cancer in 2009, and almost 41,000 new cases of rectal cancer were reported.

Since colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer diagnosed in the United States and the second most deadly, it is important to understand different factors that affect your risk of developing the disease and know what you can do to reduce your risk.
Individuals at increased risk for developing colorectal cancer include:

Reducing your risk is essential to your health. Activities that have been proven to reduce individual risk include the following recommendations:

It is important to know that both prevention and early detection are key factors in reducing your risk for this disease.  Colorectal cancer is preventable and highly curable if found in the early stages. You have the ability to address both of these factors directly at little or no cost.

The UT System’s 100 percent coverage of preventive colonoscopy and preventive CT colonography screenings offers an opportunity for covered individuals to have this life-saving procedure at no cost to the UT covered employee, covered and dependent. UT System’s Living Well Health Manager can connect you directly with numerous resources that offer various types of support for incorporating risk reducing behaviors and activities into your regular routine.

March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, and an opportunity for you to make an important plan regarding your health:

For more information about this benefit, contact Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas Customer Service at 866-882-2034.

Content Provided by:
Katrina Burton
Communications Specialist
Division of Cancer Prevention and Population Sciences
M. D. Anderson Cancer Center.

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