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Wellness wise

UT System Institutions join in National Employee Health and Fitness Day to encourage employees to stay active

National Employee Health and Fitness Day is celebrated annually on the third Wednesday of May.Thousands of employers from all sectors join in celebrating and promoting the health of America's workforce to the individual employee, their family and our Nation. Presented Nationally by the National Association for Health and Fitness all employers are encouraged to participate.

See below list of events that will take place during the month of May at your institution.

UT HSC San Antonio:

HSC Round Up 2010
The UTHSCSA and HR Workforce Programs is making great strides to improve the lifestyles and overall physical well being of our faculty, staff, and students. In making the workplace a supportive environment for active living, some of our goals include raising participants’ awareness of their current physical activity level and nutrition habits as well as motivating them to make positive physical activity and healthy eating behavior changes daily.

Pick up your ALL ACCESS PASS in the pavilion to visit with onsite representatives giving body fat and BMI assessments, access to Spectrum gym, Zumba classes, and exercise demonstrations. Weight Watchers @Work reps and successful HSC employees will also be on hand to share their success and ideas. Get there early to enjoy healthy food and refreshments provided by Café Vida. The first 500 faculty & staff will get a free pedometer!

This free event is open to the HSC faculty & staff.  
Wednesday, May 19th from 11-2pm
Pavilion near the track (adjacent to Babcock)

UT MB Galveston:

WALK the WALK: NATIONAL EMPLOYEE HEALTH & FITNESS DAY WEDNESDAY MAY 19TH, 2010. This year we are excited to offer three health walks around the main campus in Galveston and we will be joined by employees across the state in our Correctional Managed Care facilities, off-site clinics and other remote locations, making this truly a UTMB institution-wide event.

Campus walks will be held at 7:30am, 11:30am and 3:30pm to accommodate employees on various schedules. Walkers will gather at the UTMB Moody Medical Library plaza and complete the approximately three mile course or the one mile starter course. Refreshments, demonstrations and educational information will be offered for all those interested. Each walker who registers via email, including CMC and off-site locations will receive a special “summer edition” Training for Life T-shirt. Emails should be sent to Gerald Cleveland at and include: walk time preference and T-shirt size (Medium, Large, XL, or XXL). Learn more about this event.

UT Austin:

Come and celebrate National Employee Health and Fitness Day by taking part in the 11th Annual Poker Walk on Wednesday, May 12th, 2010! The RecSports Poker Walk is a FREE and fun filled event designed to celebrate health and wellness among UT faculty and staff. Walk a one-mile course and gather poker chips at five stations along the course. Turn in your chips in the Gregory Gym Arena and you will be dealt your poker hand and given a free t-shirt! Depending on your poker hand, you may win some amazing prizes!

We encourage you to form your own Poker Walk TEAM, because Team Exercise Adds Motivation! Enjoy a fun program, team photos, and a great lunch for just $6 (CASH ONLY - or you may bring your own sack lunch) at Gregory Gym after walking the course. (When completing registration, please specify t-shirt size preference and if you wish to purchase a lunch, please specify which lunch type.) Please note: T-shirt sizes and lunches are distributed on a first-come first-served basis.

UT San Antonio:

UTSA Rowdy New U Wellness program is promoting a number of events throughout the month.  We offer group exercise classes ranging from Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, Latin Aerobics, and Strength Training.  This month we will be picking up our pace on our four walking trail, by adding a circuit to the walking trail.  This feature will be new this month.  The week of NEHF Day, we will host a Demo-Kitchen on May 17th.  On May 19th we will host a lunch-n-learn that emcompasses the benefits of physical activity, especially strength training.  UTSA Health & Kinesiology will partner with us in the lunch-n-learn.  Also on that day we will highlight our new walking trail circuit and have drawing for prizes the participants on May 19th.

For more details go to:

UT SWMC Dallas:

The Office of Human Resources Employee Wellness Program and UT Southwestern Departments are excited to announce these upcoming events for the month of May, 2010.

UT Permian Basin:

UT Permian Basin initiated an on-site Weight Watchers meeting in November 2009; to date the group has lost more than 500 pounds!  Weight Watchers is organizing a "Walk-It Challenge"; around June 6, 2010 members across the country will be walking a 5K.  Stay tuned for more details on the walk. For more information on the Wellness activities taking place at UT PB, contact Linda Isham at

UT Dallas:

Institution events and activities are listed on their website at:

UT MD Anderson:

Institution events and activities are listed on their website at:

UT HSC Houston:

Institution events and activities are listed on their website at:

UT HSC Tyler:

Institution events and activities are listed on their website at:

UT Tyler:

Institution events and activities are listed on their website at:

UT Permian Basin:

Institution events and activities are listed on their website at:

UT Arlington:


In conjunction with the National Employee Health and Fitness day, the UT Arlington Wellness Committee invites you to join your fellow Mavericks in "The Blazing Race."  An hour-long event of wellness and maverick spirit in which individuals or teams, "race" around the campus in competition with other Mavericks. Contestants strive to arrive first at "campus wellness destinations". The race, which begins at the Maverick Activities Center, will include stops at 6 destinations. Destinations will focus on Mental Wellness, Social Wellness, Emotional Wellness, Physical Wellness, Intellectual Wellness, and Meditation Wellness. Participants will begin with a puzzle piece and a clue to lead them to the next destination. Additional puzzle pieces and clues will be given at each location leading to the final destination. Each person or team who successfully completes the adventure course and arrives at the final destination with a completed puzzle will receive a prize and be entered into a silent drawing for additional prizes.  

Registration Steps

Send an email to with the name of your team members and the name of your team. Start times from the MAC are at either 11:00 am or 12:00 pm on Wednesday, May 19, 2010. Join your colleagues in a fun walk, enjoy the weather, and show your Maverick Pride.

Institution events and activities are listed on their website at:

UT El Paso:

Institution events and activities are listed on their website at:

UT Pan American:

Institution events and activities are listed on their website at:

UT Brownsville:

Institution events and activities are listed on their website at:

Making Wise Health Decisions

Throughout your life you will have to make health decisions for yourself and your family. The decisions you make will influence your overall well-being as well as the quality and cost of your care. In general, people who work with their doctors to make health decisions are happier with the care they receive and the results they achieve.

Why should you partner with your doctor to make decisions? Aren't you paying him or her to know what to do? It's not always clear what choices are the right ones for you. There are often several approaches to diagnosing and treating a health problem. And you are more likely to feel better about the chosen approach if it is the one best suited to your needs and values.

The best formula for making health decisions is to combine the most reliable medical facts with your personal values. These include your beliefs, fears, lifestyle, and experiences, and they all play a role in helping you make decisions about your health.

Skills for Making Wise Health Decisions

The following are some simple steps for you to follow when you have a health decision to make. Depending on the decision, the process may take a few minutes, a few hours, or several weeks. Take as much time as you need to make the decision that is right for you.

  1. What are your choices? Tell your doctor that you want to share in making the decision. Ask your doctor to clearly state the decision that needs to be made and what your choices are.
  2. Get the facts. Learn all about each option by using resources like the library, your doctor, and reliable Web sites you can trust. Make sure the information you collect is based on sound medical research, not the results of a single study or facts published by a company that will profit by your using its product.
  3. What do you think? Consider your own needs and values and what you hope for as the best possible outcome. Talk with family members and others who will be affected by your decision. Then sort out the information you've gathered. Make a list of pros and cons as you see them for each option. You may want to share your list with your doctor to make sure you have all the information you need.
  4. Try on a decision. Write down what you expect will happen if you choose a particular option. Ask your doctor if what you expect is reasonable. Ask again about the side effects, pain, recovery time, cost, or long-term outcomes of that option. Then see if you still feel it's the best choice for you.
  5. Make an action plan. After you and your doctor have made a decision, find out what you can do to make sure that you will have the best possible outcome. Write down the steps that you need to take next. Think positively about your decision, and do your part to ensure success by following your doctor's advice. Remember, when you share in making a decision, you share the responsibility for the outcome.


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