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Another Great Reason to Save

Wouldn’t you jump at the chance to reduce your annual income tax return by as much as $1,000.00?  UT System and the Internal Revenue Service are offering you that chance.
The Saver’s Tax Credit is available to UT System employees who:

If you’re eligible and contribute as much as $2,000.00, you could qualify for a Saver’s Tax Credit of up to 50% of your contributions--$1,000 subtracted directly from your income tax payment.  See the table below for more details:

Income Limits for 2010 Eligibility

Credit Percentage

Married, Filing a Joint Return

Head of Household

Single or Married, Filing Separately


Up to $33,500

Up to $25,125

Up to $16,750


$33,501 to $36,000

$25,126 to $27,000

$16,751 to $18,000


$36,001 to $55,500

$27,001 to $41,625

$18,001 to $27,750


$55,501 & more

$41,626 & more

$27,751 & more

UTRetirement Manager—Now Mac Friendly!

The UTRetirement Manager is a secure web site that enables all UT participants to enroll in the UT Retirement Programs. This valuable tool allows you to select monthly contribution rates, your UTRetirement Provider, and also allows you to view your account balance.

Some of you previously experienced difficulty using Retirement Manager on a MacIntosh computer, but not anymore. UTRetirement Manager is now designed to work with both Internet Explorer v6 and greater and Mozilla/Firefox for PC Windows, and with Safari for MacIntosh.

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