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Wellness Wise

Add to your diet with color!

You always hear about what you should be subtracting from your diet – soda, processed meat, and of course all those rich desserts. And while (unfortunately) those recommendations are good for your health, there’s actually a way to improve your well-being by eating more of something – colorful vegetables.
Research shows the undeniably positive effects eating vegetables has on our health. And the more colorful and diverse your selections, the better! Here are a few easy ways to add some goodness to your diet:

If you’re interested in adding more healthy food to your diet, the Nutrition Lifestyle Improvement Program is a great way to get started. You can also use the Meal Planner for additional support and guidance. You’ll be on your way to eating more of the good stuff and slowly cutting out some of your unhealthier food choices.

In addition, the UT System “Living Well: Make it a Priority” program has a wide range of online tools and resources for you to better manage every aspect of health and well-being. These resources are available to all UT System employees, retirees and dependents. For more details, go to www.livingwell.utsystem.edu.