August> New Tool For Your Smartphone from Medco

New Tool For Your Smartphone from Medco

New on your smartphone: Get prescription safety alerts, reminders, and potential savings wherever you are!

The brand-new Medco Pharmacy app helps you stay on track with taking your medications as prescribed. And it’s on your smartphone now—at no cost to you.

Once you open the Medco Pharmacy app, log in with your online user ID and password to use the app’s features*:

Use the Medco Pharmacy app today!
This new app and its services are available at no cost to you. If you want to install it on a smartphone that uses the Verizon Wireless network, visit the VCAST app store†, search for “Medco Pharmacy”.  The app is also available for iPhone by downloading from the iTunes® Store. Android and Blackberry users can now access the mobile app regardless of wireless carrier.

*If you haven’t yet registered on ®, please go to the site to get your user ID and password.

† For BlackBerry users that cannot locate the VCAST app store on your smartphone, go to