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Important Information for Employees and Retirees Participating in TRS

The Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) encourages all participants to stay informed of the latest news related to TRS benefits, engage in their own planning for retirement, and to follow the most recent developments impacting TRS programs. Click here to read an important message from Brian Guthrie, the Executive Director of Teacher Retirement System of Texas, andand learn how you can register for MyTRS.

Becoming a registered member will give you access to information electronically and can help save the TRS fund thousands of dollars by reducing unnecessary printing and mailing expenses.

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Your UT SELECT Prescription Benefits: Medco, Express Scripts and Walgreens

Based on publicly available information, the UT System Office of Employee Benefits is aware that Medco (the UT SELECT Prescription Benefit Manager) and Express Scripts Incorporated are currently involved in discussions to merge the two companies. Since Walgreens will not be part of the Express Scripts network effective January 1, 2012, Walgreens has been notifying customers that their prescription benefits may be affected by the merger. It is important for UT SELECT members to know that UT System contracts with Medco to manage your prescription benefits program and Walgreens remains a contracting retail provider at this time.

It should be noted that while Walgreens remains a participating retail pharmacy chain in the UT SELECT program, it does so as a convenience to our membership. In fact, certain retailers are more expensive to the UT plan based upon their prescription costs. The UT SELECT plan could save significantly by reducing the number of in-network participating providers based simply upon cost, but has chosen not to do so at this time as a convenience to our members. Because pharmacy rates directly impact your out-of-pocket costs (including insurance premiums), we encourage you to utilize pharmacies with the lowest prices.