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Annual Enrollment Update

UT SELECT Medical Premium Rates and Plan Design

The UT SELECT Medical plan administered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas is self-funded by the UT System. As a self-funded plan, all claims are paid through funds allocated by the State Legislature, UT System Institutions, and member out-of-pocket premium costs (for dependent coverage).  

Based upon available funding and positive plan performance during the current benefit year (2010-2011), only slight increases in premium rates are necessary ranging from $9 to $19 per month for dependent levels of coverage.

In addition, due lower than expected trends in UT SELECT claims, the only benefit plan design changes to UT SELECT are enhancements resulting from the Affordable Care Act (healthcare reform).

The following chart reflects the cost of Basic Coverage* for Retirees. Monthly Premium Cost = Premium Sharing from the State of Texas and UT, plus Your Monthly Out-of-Pocket Cost. The final column indicates the total out-of-pocket increase in your monthly premium effective September 1, 2011.

UT SELECT and other Basic Coverage*: Retirees*

Level of Coverage

Total Monthly Premium Cost

Monthly Premium Sharing Paid by the State and UT

Your Monthly Out-of-Pocket Cost

Increase in Monthly Out-of- Pocket Cost

Retirees Only





Retirees & Spouse





Retirees & Child(ren)





Retirees & Family





*Basic Coverage includes UT SELECT (medical and prescription drug coverage), plus the cost of retiree $6,000 Basic Life.