June> Annual Enrollment Update

Annual Enrollment Update

As stated in the May 2011 “A Matter of Health” newsletter and in paper letters distributed to all UT benefits-eligible employees and retirees, the start of Annual Enrollment (AE) for benefits will be delayed this July 2011.

When AE begins, you will have the chance to change your group insurance benefit elections and add, update or remove dependents from your coverage (eligible dependents as well as those dependents who are ineligible). To review dependent eligibility guidelines, please see the article on Dependent Eligibility Criteria in the May 2011 “A Matter of Health” newsletter.

For more information on enrolling dependents and the expanded Evidence of Insurability (EOI) guidelines, review the article in this month’s newsletter titled “Reminder of Health Care Reform Changes to UT Benefits.”

When more information is available on the specific dates for AE 2011, we will announce the start and ending dates on the OEB website and produce special AE editions of “A Matter of Health” detailing any changes to UT SELECT premium rates and the benefits plan design.