May> Annual Enrollment Update

Annual Enrollment Update

Annual Enrollment Update: Changes to Benefits Enrollment Period

The Annual enrollment (AE) dates will be changing this year. AE, the period when you can change your group insurance benefit elections and add, update or remove dependents from coverage, is normally held from July 1 – July 31. This year, AE will likely be delayed and possibly shortened. The dates for the 2011-2012 Annual Enrollment period will not be determined until there is a clearer idea about the impact that changes made during the current Legislative Session may have on benefit funding and the UT SELECT plan design.

Current plans are to announce the dates for the upcoming annual enrollment period as well as any UT SELECT plan design changes during June.

Through the monthly newsletter as well as through direct email and printed communications, the Office of Employee Benefits (OEB) and your institution will continue to keep you informed of the important developments affecting your benefits.