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Annual Enrollment Update

How Will Healthcare Reform Impact My UT Benefits This Year?

The health care reform bill passed by Congress March 23, 2010, also known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was written to be implemented over the course of several years through 2018. Some of the provisions are already in place, but below are several key changes affecting our UT plans beginning September 1, 2011.

Expanded Young Adult Coverage – Young adult dependents, up to age 26, can join or remain on their parent’s UT Group Insurance regardless of whether they are:

Dependents who previously lost coverage under or were unable to enroll in UT plans due to the previous eligibility limitations for young adults will be afforded a special opportunity to enroll during the upcoming Annual Enrollment period and/or during the first 30 days of the new plan year (September 2011) without providing Evidence of Insurability (EOI). However, the subscriber must provide documentation (such as a birth certificate) to illustrate the relationship between the subscriber and the young adult. Coverage will be effective September 1, 2011 for any young adult who previously lost coverage or was denied eligibility and who is enrolled during September.

*Grandchildren must be the Subscriber’s Dependent for federal income tax purposes in order to be considered a Special Dependent eligible for coverage under a UT System Group Insurance Plan.

No EOI for Enrollees Up to Age 19 –Beginning this Annual Enrollment eligible employees and dependents under age 19 may add UT SELECT medical coverage to be effective September 1, 2011, without completing EOI.

Free Preventive Care and Services – UT SELECT has always offered robust preventive care benefits including 100% preventive Colonoscopy and no cost immunizations for children under 6 years old. Now, with the implementation of ACA, certain additional preventive care and services will be available to you (depending upon your age) with no copayment, deductible or coinsurance as long as you see a network provider. Some examples of these preventive services are:

Be aware that you may be responsible for out-of-pocket costs for any services received that are not preventive.

The Office of Employee Benefits and local HR/Benefits Offices will be communicating more details and specifics as we approach Annual Enrollment.