September> Annual Enrollment: Follow-up

Annual Enrollment: Follow-up

Medical Benefits Special Enrollment Opportunity Ends September 30, 2011

As previously communicated in the June, July and August newsletters, a provision of The Affordable Care Act (ACA) allows young adult dependent children to remain eligible for medical coverage up to the age of 26 regardless of marital status. This provision also creates a special enrollment opportunity for dependent children whose coverage ended, or who were not eligible for coverage because they turned 25, got married, or enlisted in the military. These individuals were eligible to be added to UT SELECT Medical during Annual Enrollment (July 15, 2011-July 31, 2011). If you have a young adult child in this situation and have not already added them to your medical benefits, you may still do so through September 30, 2011 by contacting your HR/Benefits Office. UT SELECT Medical Coverage for these special enrollees will be retroactively effective September 1, 2011.

Note: This special provision applies only to the UT SELECT Medical plan. It does not apply to any other UT Benefit plans.

Important! If you wish to add dependents to the plan, supporting documentation of the parent/child relationship is required.

Confirm Your Annual Enrollment Elections

Per OEB Administrative Policy 310.6, the only allowable change to Program Coverage during a plan year, other than a qualified change in status, is to correct an administrative error made during the initial period of eligibility or during the annual enrollment period that resulted in an unintended election.

Time Limit to Report Clerical Error

However, per Policy 310.6.2, an employee’s request for a change in coverage will only be considered upon the employee’s submission of “clear and convincing evidence” of the mistake within 31 days of receipt of the first paycheck that contains the error in the coverage.

Important: Check your first paystub or earnings statement after September 1 (September earnings are typically received October 1) carefully to ensure that your Annual Enrollment elections are accurate.

Request Beyond 31 days

If an Employee discovers an error in their election and fails to report the error to the institution Benefits Office within 31 days of receiving their first paycheck of the new plan year, the Employee’s request to correct the error will not be approved.