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UT System Success Story

Desiree Dedeaux Brown, UTMD Anderson Cancer Center

Before and After Photo of Desiree

Name: Desiree Dedeaux Brown
Institution: UTMD Anderson Cancer Center
Email Address: ddedeaux@mdanderson.org

1. What health behavior did you change?
I have completely changed my diet (the amount I eat, frequency & the types of foods) and activity (I exercise 3 or more times a week. Due to these changes, I have lost 50+ lbs since the fitness center opened.

2. Why did you decide to make this change?
I was noticing subtle changes... my BP was not high but was elevated plus little aches and pains that I had never experienced before. I didn't want to wait until a doctor told me that I had a health problem. I wanted to be proactive about my well being. I felt my body was getting to the age that it could no longer stand to be treated like I did when I was 20 - at 49, it was time for some TLC. Which I felt should start internally.

3. How did you accomplish your success?
By being consistent!!!

4. How did the University of Texas System Physical Activity Challenge" weekly emails/tips help you?
They simply reminded me that I was not alone.

5. What goals and obstacles did you have?
Co-workers and friends - eating healthy can be an isolating thing.

6. Who supported you during this experience?
My children...

7. What advice do you have for others who want to make this change?
Don't wait until Monday, the 1st of the month or new year's day...start now!!!