July> UT System Success Story

UT System Success Story

Name: Betty Douzar
Institution: UT MB Galveston
Email Address: bjdouzar@utmb.edu

Betty Douzar


"The 2012 Physical Activity Challenge helped me to keep track of exercise, also created a baseline to compare for positive future outcomes.!

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1. What health behavior did you change?
Eating and exercise.

2. Why did you decide to make this change?
Overweight and was very sedentary. Prevention for diabetes, heart disease, etc.

3. How did you accomplish your success?
Enrolled in the UTMB Boot Camp for 8 weeks. We had class 3 times a week for one hour. Incredible changes and increase in motivation and energy.

4. How did the University of Texas System Living Well: Make it a Priority or your Institutions resources and tools help you?
Help me to keep tract of exercise, also created a baseline to compare for positive future outcomes.

5. What goals and obstacles did you have?
The major goal was to lose the "muffin top" on my waist. Also to decrease overall weight, and inches, and to increase strength and self-confidence.

6. Who supported you during this experience?
Co-workers mostly.

7. What advice do you have for others who want to make this change?
Go for it. The boot camp is an incredible workout, the instructor is a great facilitator and coach. I will definitely take it again.