July> UT System Success Story

UT System Success Story

Name: Karen D. Motsinger
Institution: UTHealth - UT Helath Science Center Houston
Email Address: Karen.D.Motsinger@uth.tmc.edu

Karen D. Motsinger with her State Championship Jersey she won in Georgetown, TX in May 2012.


"If you want improved health, focus and do not let something stand in your way. You are the only person who has control over how you can influence your own health, Make it a Priority!

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1. What health behavior did you change?
I decided to return to my love for running and cycling, beginning slow then building up, gradually incorporating more exercise into my day, as well as focus on eating healthier. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Steven Flores, UTHealth’s – Memorial Hermann IronMan Clinic/Orthopedics for his care and encouragement to reduce issues with osteoarthritis!

2. Why did you decide to make this change?
Weight loss and more exercise in an effort to create greater mobility and flexibility, and reduce inflammation caused by my osteoarthritis.

3. How did you accomplish your success?
I first established a reasonable goal, and focused on making small strides towards improvement. The more progress I made, the better I felt. I continued to focus on small goals.

4. How did the University of Texas System Living Well: Make it a Priority or your Institutions resources and tools help you?
Tracking and documenting allows a visual graph of how much work pays of in the physical portion alone.

5. What goals and obstacles did you have?
First goal was running 5Ks, eating right and losing small amount of weight. I began feeling better and as a result was more mobile. My obstacles were distractions. Distractions created limits on ability to perform physical activity through the day. I noticed being sedentary had greater negative impact on overall well being than just diet modification alone.

6. Who supported you during this experience?
Co-workers, friends, and relatives, were my morale support.

7. What advice do you have for others who want to make this change?
If you want improved health, FOCUS. Do not let something stand in your way. You are the only person who has control over how you can influence your own health. Make it a priority.