July> UT System Success Story

UT System Success Story

Name: Darr Oney
Institution: UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
Email Address: darr.oney@utsouthwestern.edu

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1. What health behavior did you change?
Increased exercise, continued making better food choices.

2. Why did you decide to make this change?
Was feeling sluggish and my clothes fit poorly..

3. How did you accomplish your success?
Took a clinical nutrition class here on campus. Looked at the data nd was pretty depressed at first. What became apparent was that in order to meet my goals and not be miserable eating like a bird, I'd have to greatly increase my exercise. I've tried a few activities, but cycling seems to expend the most calories while not beating up my body. So, the last 7 weeks I've bicycled almost 600 miles. I began eating breakfast every morning, yogurt and fruit. Removed poor food choices that I really didn't enjoy anyway, and eliminated all fast food. I still enjoy Mexican food and still order pizza on Friday nights!

4. How did the University of Texas System Living Well: Make it a Priority or your Institutions resources and tools help you?
Reinforced keeping my behavioral changes intact. Also, had a coworker who would inquiry about exercise and we would encourage each other to continue.

5. What goals and obstacles did you have?
Old habits, and the social aspect of eating at lunch.

6. Who supported you during this experience?
Wife, with dinner dietary planning. Coworkers who were aware of my efforts.

7. What advice do you have for others who want to make this change?
Take a holistic approach, both diet and exercise. Log your food and activities. Enlist the help of your family. Keep bad foods out of the house!