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April 21, 2014

Welcome to the April 21, 2014 edition of HR & Benefit News. After reading these articles, please let us know if you have any questions. Always feel free to send us your comments and questions for future publications.


Forms and Pubs

OEB Administrative Manual Policies

The following policies have been revised and posted in the OEB Administrative Manual on the public OEB website's Forms & Publications page. The highlighted versions showing changes are available on the secure SharePoint website.

Please contact a member of the OEB Benefits Team if you have any questions.


Good to Know

Determine Eligibility for UT Benefits as a Retired Employee

A new interactive tool has been posted to the OEB website to help participants determine if they may be eligible for the University of Texas Group Insurance program as a Retired Employee of a UT System Institution. This tool is a great starting point for anyone who has already retired, is thinking about retiring, or is still an active UT employee who is curious to see where they stand. Using this tool is as simple as answering a few questions. Read more >


What is the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

Help your employees learn more about the important resource available through the EAP by directing them to this quick introductory video, a new resource from the cooperative efforts of the wellness and training teams. Please share the below content with your members via email, Human Resource/Benefit website, during new hire orientation or any other communication tools used to reach your members.

Learn more about this important resource by watching this short video:


To contact your institution’s EAP, visit the OEB Living Well website at


Your Questions

Calculation of Creditable Service for UT Group Insurance as a Retired Employee

Question: Are you calculating Creditable Service correctly? What is the correct methodology that a UT institution Benefits Office should use to determine when an individual meets the eligibility requirements for UT group insurance as a Retired Employee? Read the answer >


Waiting Period for New UT Retiree

Question: When does the waiting period apply for a newly eligible Retiree to enroll in the UT group insurance plan? Read the answer >


Voluntary Group Term Life (VGTL) Coverage for Retiree's Spouse

The following issue was identified and resolved as a result of the EOI audit of the VGTL coverage discrepancies between OEB and Dearborn National files:

Question: When a UT Employee retires, can she enroll her spouse with VGTL coverage of $3,000 without Evidence of Insurability (EOI)? Read the answer >


Life and AD&D Options for a New Retiree When Spouse is a UT Employee

Question: Spouses (John and Mary) are both employed in benefits-eligible positions at a UT System institution. John has no Voluntary Group Term Life (VGTL) coverage, and Mary has 1X VGTL of $40,000 and also Dependent VGTL of $10,000. When John retires, can he enroll in $10,000 Retiree VGTL without EOI since he is currently being covered under Mary’s Dependent VGTL coverage? Read the answer >


Question: In the above scenario, can Mary enroll John in Spouse Voluntary AD&D coverage when he retires? Read the answer >



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