Approved Providers

The UT System has selected five quality retirement Providers with which you can invest your ORP, UTSaver TSA, and UTSaver DCP contributions. You may select one or all five, depending on your investment and service needs. A summary of the investments and services provided and contact information is listed below.

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Telephone Number

Fidelity Investments

(800) 343-0860


(866) 506-2199

Lincoln Financial Group

(800) 454-6265 *8


(800) 842-2776


(800) 448-2542

Need help choosing an investment mix?

Each provider has representatives available to meet with you to help put together your retirement portfolio. In addition, many provider websites offer online planning tools to help you manage and track your portfolio on your own.

View a list of representatives for your institution here.


*MetLife Resources is no longer an approved provider with the UT Retirement Program as of September 2012. If you previously made contributions to Metlife, those investments may remain with MetLife or you may transfer those investments to any of the five remaining providers.


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