Fund Performance


The UT Retirement Programs Fund Performance Summary is a tool through which you can view and evaluate every one of the investment vehicles available to you with the six Authorized Providers of the UT Retirement Programs.  This page will assist you in making the most of this invaluable resource.

Viewing Funds Without Logging On

The Fund Performance Summary is available to anyone for viewing.  The funds can be viewed either 50 funds or 100 funds to a page.

Logging On

Logging on allows users to select specific funds of interest that will automatically display at the top of the report after every future logon.

  • To select a fund, click on the box on the left-hand side of the fund to select it.  This fund will appear at the top of the report during all future logons. 
  • To de-select it, click the select box again.

For example: You are interested in a specific mid-cap growth fund  and you select that fund by clicking on the left-hand box next to it.  Every time you log on in the future that mid-cap fund will be the first thing you see, followed by the rest of the fund performance report.

How to Log On

The LOGON uses a Shibboleth Authentication process that will allow you to use your network ID and password regardless of which UT institution you are employed with.  The network ID and password refers to whatever ID and password you use to log into your own work computer. 

Sorting Funds for Viewing

There are several tools for locating or viewing funds.  Each column header allows you to sort the funds by that category.  For instance, to sort by provider click on “Provider” at the top of the Provider column.  To sort by Investment Category or Fund Name, do the same.

Searching Funds
In addition to the many sorting options, you may also search for a specific fund.  You may search by:

  • Tier
  • Fund Name
  • Investment Category, or
  • Ticker Symbol. 

At the top of the report, select which of the three categories you wish to search, and type in the search criteria.  For example:  If you wish to search funds for an American Fund product, type “American Funds” and click “Search”.  To do another search, or to return to the original format of the report, click “Reset Criteria”. 

Benchmark Data

A Benchmark is simply a comparison by which to determine the relative performance of a fund.  A benchmark may either be an index, such as the S&P 500, or a collection of peer groups comparing similar funds.  The Benchmark Data displayed in this report is intended to allow prospective investors to have a good grasp on the relative success of all the funds listed.

You can view the report with or without the Benchmark Data. 

  • To view the report without the data, click on the “Hide Benchmark Data” link directly below the fund search box. 
  • To restore the Benchmark Data, click on the “View Funds With Benchmark Data” link in the same spot.


If you encounter any terms related to the fund performance report or the retirement programs, please view our glossary.


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