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The Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System for the Government of The University of Texas System were reissued on December 10, 2004. For assistance in locating the placement of a particular subject in the revised Rules, please contact Art Martinez, Executive Director for Board Services, at 512/499-4402 or

The official copy of the Regents' Rules and Regulations is maintained by the Office of the Board of Regents. The official citation of the Regents’ Rules is as follows: Regents' Rules and Regulations. Do not underline. Italicize "Rules and Regulations" only. Always capitalize the R in Regents.

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Regents' Rules and Regulations History


Complete Regents' Rules and Regulations


Rules and Regulations Table of Contents:

Series 10000: Board Governance

Rule 10100

Rule on Rules and Regulations

Rule 10100 in pdf format Rule 10100 in Word format

Rule 10101

Board Authority and Duties (last amended 5/20/14)

Rule 10101 in pdf format Rule 10101 in Word format

Rule 10102

Chairman and Vice Chairmen (last amended 5/20/14)

Rule 10102 in pdf format Rule 10102 in Word format

Rule 10201

General Counsel to the Board of Regents (last editorial amendment 5/22/14)

Rule 10201 in pdf format Rule 10201 in Word format

Rule 10401

Meetings of the Board and Standing Committees (last amended 5/20/14)

Rule 10401 in pdf format Rule 10401 in Word format

Rule 10402

Committees and Other Appointments (last amended 11/6/14)

Rule 10402 in pdf format Rule 10402 in Word format

Rule 10403

Conduct of Meetings of the Board (last editorial amendment 5/27/14)

Rule 10403 in pdf format Rule 10403 in Word format

Rule 10501

Delegation to Act on Behalf of the Board (last amended 11/6/14)

Rule 10501 pdf format Rule 10501 in Word format

Rule 10601

Guidelines for the Santa Rita Award

Rule 10601 in pdf format Rule 10601 in Word format

Rule 10701

Policy Against Discrimination (last editorial amendment 8/25/08)

Rule 10701 in pdf format Rule 10701 in Word format

Rule 10801

Policy on Transparency, Accountability, and Access to Information (last editorial amendment 8/4/14)

Rule 10801 in pdf format Rule 10801 in Word format

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Series 20000: Administration

Rule 20101

Chancellor (last editorial amendment 4/4/14)

Rule 20101 in pdf format Rule 20101 in Word format

Rule 20102

Appointment of Officers

Rule 20102 in pdf format Rule 20102 in Word format

Rule 20201

Presidents (last amended 11/6/14)

Rule 20201 in pdf format Rule 20201 in Word format

Rule 20202

Cash Compensation for Chief Administrative Officers (last amended 1/14/14)

Rule 20202 in pdf format Rule 20202 in Word format

Rule 20203

Compensation for Key Executives (last amended 1/14/14)

Rule 20203 in pdf format Rule 20203 in Word format

Rule 20204

Determining and Documenting the Reasonableness of Compensation (last amended 9/17/14)

Rule 20204 in pdf format Rule 20204 in Word format

Rule 20205

Expenditures for Travel and Entertainment by Chief Administrators and for the Maintenance of University Residences (last amended 8/22/13)

Rule 20205 in pdf format Rule 20205 in Word format

Rule 20206

Intercollegiate Athletics (last editorial amendment 9/10/12)

Rule 20206 in pdf format Rule 20206 in Word format

Rule 20301

Honorary Titles and Degrees

Rule 20301 in pdf format Rule 20301 in Word format

Rule 20401

Audit and Compliance (last amended 12/6/12)

Rule 20401 in pdf format Rule 20401 in Word format

Rule 20402

Provision of Audit and Non-Audit Services by External Audit Firms (last amended 8/22/13)

Rule 20402 in pdf format Rule 20402 in Word format

Rule 20501

Accounting, Operating Budgets, and Legislative Appropriation Requests

Rule 20501 in pdf format Rule 20501 in Word format

Rule 20601

Aircraft Use (last amended 11/6/14)

Rule 20601 in pdf format Rule 20601 in Word format

Rule 20701

Use of Historically Underutilized Businesses (last editorial amendment 3/18/08)

Rule 20701 in pdf format Rule 20701 in Word format

Rule 20801

Travel (last editorial amendment 10/24/12)

Rule 20801 in pdf format Rule 20801 in Word format

Rule 20901

Procurement of Certain Goods and Services (last editorial amendment 10/13/11)

Rule 20901 in pdf format Rule 20901 in Word format

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Series 30000: Personnel

Rule 30101

Classified Personnel Pay Plan (last amended 2/10/05)

Rule 30101 in pdf format Rule 30101 in Word format

Rule 30102

General Appointment Information (last editorial amendment 8/14/12)

Rule 30102 in pdf format Rule 30102 in Word format

Rule 30103

Standards of Conduct (last amended 7/11/12)

Rule 30103 in pdf format Rule 30103 in Word format

Rule 30104

Conflict of Interest, Conflict of Commitment, and Outside Activities (last amended 7/11/12)

Rule 30104 in pdf format Rule 30104 in Word format

Rule 30105

Sexual Harassment and Misconduct and Inappropriate Consensual Relationships (last amended 8/22/14)

Rule 30105 in pdf format Rule 30105 in Word format

Rule 30106


Rule 30106 in pdf format Rule 30106 in Word format

Rule 30107

Veteran's Employment Preferences

Rule 30107 in pdf format Rule 30107 in Word format

Rule 30108

Employment Preferences for Former Foster Children

Rule 30108 in pdf format Rule 30108 in Word format

Rule 30112

Training and Education (last editorial amendment 6/12/13)

Rule 30112 in pdf format Rule 30112 in Word format

Rule 30201

Leave Policies (last editorial amendment 9/27/12)

Rule 30201 in pdf format Rule 30201 in Word format

Rule 30202

Employee Benefits (last editorial amendment 6/12/13)

Rule 30202 in pdf format Rule 30202 in Word format

Rule 30203

Sick Leave Pool

Rule 30203 in pdf format Rule 30203 in Word format

Rule 30301

Employment of Retirees

Rule 30301 in pdf format Rule 30301 in Word format

Rule 30401

Employee and Faculty Advisory Councils (last editorial amendment 1/14/15)

Rule 30401 in pdf format Rule 30401 in Word format

Rule 30501

Employee Evaluations (last editorial amendment 6/26/13)

Rule 30501 in pdf format Rule 30501 in Word format

Rule 30601

Discipline and Dismissal of Classified Employees (last amended 11/9/07)

Rule 30601 in pdf format Rule 30601 in Word format

Rule 30602

Employee Grievance (last editorial amendment 1/8/10)

Rule 30602 in pdf format Rule 30602 in Word format

Rule 31001

Faculty Appointments and Titles (last editorial amendment 3/27/12)

Rule 31001 in pdf format Rule 31001 in Word format

Rule 31002

Notice of Nonrenewal to Nontenured Faculty Members (last editorial amendment 2/22/10)

Rule 31002 in pdf format Rule 31002 in Word format

Rule 31003

Abandonment of Academic Positions or Programs (last amended 5/13/10)

Rule 31003 in pdf format Rule 31003 in Word format

Rule 31004

Rights and Responsibilities of Faculty Members

Rule 31004 in pdf format Rule 31004 in Word format

Rule 31005

Faculty or Staff Absence

Rule 31005 in pdf format Rule 31005 in Word format

Rule 31006

Academic Workload Requirements (last amended 11/10/11)

Rule 31006 in pdf format Rule 31006 in Word format

Rule 31007

Tenure (last amended 11/10/11)

Rule 31007 in pdf format Rule 31007 in Word format

Rule 31008

Termination of a Faculty Member (last editorial amendment 8/4/14)

Rule 31008 in pdf format Rule 31008 in Word format

Rule 31101

Evaluation of Administrators (last amended 2/9/06)

Rule 31101 in pdf format Rule 31101 in Word format

Rule 31102

Evaluation of Tenured Faculty (last amended 2/9/12)

Rule 31102 in pdf format Rule 31102 in Word format

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Series 40000: Academic Issues

Rule 40101

Faculty Role in Educational Policy Formulation

Rule 40101 in pdf format Rule 40101 in Word format

Rule 40201

Registered Organizations

Rule 40201 in pdf format Rule 40201 in Word format

Rule 40301

General Admission Policy

Rule 40301 in pdf format Rule 40301 in Word format

Rule 40302

Provisional Admission Policy

Rule 40302 in pdf format Rule 40302 in Word format

Rule 40303

Establishing Both Admission Policies and Criteria for Award of Scholarships and Fellowships (last editorial amendment 4/12/12)

Rule 40303 in pdf format Rule 40303 in Word format

Rule 40304

Affirmative Action Plans (last editorial amendment 2/12/08)

Rule 40304 in pdf format Rule 40304 in Word format

Rule 40305

Coordinated Admission Program

Rule 40305 in pdf format Rule 40305 in Word format

Rule 40306

Summer Enrollment Plan

Rule 40306 in pdf format Rule 40306 in Word format

Rule 40307

Academic Program Approval Standards (last amended 7/14/06)

Rule 40307 in pdf format Rule 40307 in Word format

Rule 40309

Administration of Courses Offered in Shortened Format

Rule 40309 in pdf format Rule 40309 in Word format

Rule 40310

Accessibility of Teacher Certification Courses

Rule 40310 in pdf format Rule 40310 in Word format

Rule 40311

Graduate Education (last amended 11/15/12)

Rule 40311 in pdf format Rule 40311 in Word format

Rule 40401

Assessment, Collection, Delegation, and Waiver of Tuition and Fees (last amended 12/12/13)

Rule 40401 in pdf format Rule 40401 in Word format

Rule 40402

Emergency Student Loan Program for Tuition and Fees (last editorial amendment 7/27/11)

Rule 40402 in pdf format Rule 40402 in Word format

Rule 40403

Fees for Continuing Education Courses (last editorial

amendment 9/17/08)

Rule 40403 in pdf format Rule 40403 in Word format

Rule 40404

Tuition Rates for Students Residing in Certain Counties and States and Attending Certain Institutions (last editorial amendment 5/15/13)

Rule 40404 in pdf format Rule 40404 in Word format

Rule 40405

Tuition Rates for Undergraduate Students with Excessive Semester Credit Hours (last editorial amendment 9/17/08)

Rule 40405 in pdf format Rule 40405 in Word format

Rule 40406

Administration of Scholarships

Rule 40406 in pdf format Rule 40406 in Word format

Rule 40407

Texas Public Education Grants/Loan Program

Rule 40407 in pdf format Rule 40407 in Word format

Rule 40501

Speech and Assembly

Rule 40501 in pdf format Rule 40501 in Word format

Rule 40502

Negotiations Related to Disruptive Activities Prohibited

Rule 40502 in pdf format Rule 40502 in Word format

Rule 40601

Institutions Comprising The University of Texas System (last amended 11/6/14)

Rule 40601 in pdf format Rule 40601 in Word format

Rule 40602

Organized Research Units

Rule 40602 in pdf format Rule 40601 in Word format

Rule 40701

Medical and Hospital Services

Rule 40701 in pdf format Rule 40701 in Word format

Rule 40703

Healthcare Risk Management

Rule 40703 in pdf format Rule 40703 in Word format

Rule 40801

Official Seal, Colors, Logo, and Mascot (last editorial amendment 10/13/09)

Rule 40801 in pdf format Rule 40801 in Word format

Rule 40901

Charter Schools (last editorial amendment 11/3/09)

Rule 40901 in pdf format Rule 40901 in Word format

Rule 40902

Guidelines for Cooperative Use of Courses and Facilities with Texas A&M University

Rule 40902 in pdf format Rule 40902 in Word format

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Series 50000: Student Issues

Rule 50101

Student Conduct and Discipline (last editorial amendment 10/22/13)

Rule 50101 in pdf format Rule 50101 in Word format

Rule 50201

Student Advisory Council (last editorial amendment 1/14/15)

Rule 50201 in pdf format Rule 50201 in Word format

Rule 50202

Student Organizations

Rule 50202 in pdf format Rule 50202 in Word format

Rule 50203

Participation in Student Government

Rule 50203 in pdf format Rule 50203 in Word format

Rule 50301

Off-Campus Student Housing

Rule 50301 in pdf format Rule 50301 in Word format

Rule 50302

Student Participation in Selection and Monitoring of Food Service Contractors

Rule 50302 in pdf format Rule 50302 in Word format

Rule 50303

Debts of Students

Rule 50303 in pdf format Rule 50303 in Word format

Rule 50304

Student Debit Cards (last editorial amendment 1/7/13)

Rule 50304 in pdf format Rule 50304 in Word format

Rule 50305

Employment of a Student's Attorney

Rule 50305 in pdf format Rule 50305 in Word format

Rule 50402

Student Health Insurance Requirements

Rule 50402 in pdf format Rule 50402 in Word format

Rule 50501

Liability Insurance for Students

Rule 50501 in pdf format Rule 50501 in Word format

Rule 50601

Student Travel

Rule 50601 in pdf format Rule 50601 in Word format

Rule 50701

Visiting U. T. System Students Program

Rule 50701 in pdf format Rule 50701 in Word format

Rule 50702

Confidentiality and Security of Education Records Subject to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Rule 50702 in pdf format Rule 50702 in Word format

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Series 60000: Development

Rule 60101

Acceptance and Administration of Gifts (last amended 5/15/14)

Rule 60101 in pdf format Rule 60101 in Word format

Rule 60102

Fees for Endowment Administration and Management (last amended 10/12/07)

Rule 60102 in pdf format Rule 60102 in Word format

Rule 60103

Guidelines for Acceptance of Gifts of Real Property (last editorial amendment 4/12/12)

Rule 60103 in pdf format Rule 60103 in Word format

Rule 60201

Administration of Fellowships, Scholarships, and Loan Funds

Rule 60201 in pdf format Rule 60201 in Word format

Rule 60202

Endowed Academic Positions (last amended 2/9/12)

Rule 60202 in pdf format Rule 60202 in Word format

Rule 60301

Development Board of an Institution (last amended 11/9/07)

Rule 60301 in pdf format Rule 60301 in Word format

Rule 60302

Advisory Councils of an Institution (last amended 8/10/06)

Rule 60302 in pdf format Rule 60302 in Word format

Rule 60303

Internal Nonprofit Corporations (last amended 5/15/14)

Rule 60303 in pdf format Rule 60303 in Word format

Rule 60304

External Nonprofit Corporations (last amended 5/15/14)

Rule 60304 in pdf format Rule 60304 in Word format

Rule 60305

University-Affiliated Foundations

Rule 60305 in pdf format Rule 60305 in Word format

Rule 60306

Use of University Resources (last editorial amendment 12/22/11)

Rule 60306 in pdf format Rule 60306 in Word format

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Series 70000: Investments

Rule 70101

Authority to Accept and Manage Assets (last editorial amendment 12/15/11)

Rule 70101 in pdf format Rule 70101 in Word format

Rule 70201

Investment Policies (last editorial amendment 4/23/08)

Rule 70201 in pdf format Rule 70201 in Word format

Rule 70202

Interest Rate Swap Policy (last editorial amendment 7/24/12)

Rule 70202 in pdf format Rule 70202 in Word format

Rule 70301

Matters Relating to Real Property (last editorial amendment 11/10/11)

Rule 70301 in pdf format Rule 70301 in Word format

Rule 70401

Oversight Responsibilities for UTIMCO (last editorial amendment 9/3/14)

Rule 70401 in pdf format Rule 70401 in Word format

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Series 80000: Facilities

Rule 80101

Category of Facilities and Authorized Users

Rule 80101 in pdf format Rule 80101 in Word format

Rule 80102

Alcoholic Beverages

Rule 80102 in pdf format Rule 80102 in Word format

Rule 80103

Solicitation (last editorial amendment 6/7/13)

Rule 80103 in pdf format Rule 80103 in Word format

Rule 80104

Use of Facilities

Rule 80104 in pdf format Rule 80104 in Word format

Rule 80105

Joint Sponsorship of the Use of Property or Buildings (last editorial amendment 10/20/08)

Rule 80105 in pdf format Rule 80105 in Word format

Rule 80106

Special Use Facilities (last editorial amendment 4/12/12)

Rule 80106 in pdf format Rule 80106 in Word format

Rule 80107

Filming Motion Pictures or Television Productions (last editorial amendment 5/5/08)

Rule 80107 in pdf format Rule 80107 in Word format

Rule 80108

Use of Facilities for Weddings

Rule 80108 in pdf format Rule 80108 in Word format

Rule 80109

Parking and Traffic Regulations (last editorial amendment 11/10/11)

Rule 80109 in pdf format Rule 80109 in Word format

Rule 80110

Protection of Artificial Bodies of Water and Other Property

Rule 80110 in pdf format Rule 80110 in Word format

Rule 80111

Smoke Free or Tobacco Free Policies (last amended 5/3/12)

Rule 80111 in pdf format Rule 80111 in Word format

Rule 80112

Residential Conference Centers

Rule 80112 in pdf format Rule 80112 in Word format

Rule 80201

Disposal of U. T. System Property (last editorial amendment 9/14/12)

Rule 80201 in pdf format Rule 80201 in Word format

Rule 80301

Capital Improvement Program (last amended 12/12/13)

Rule 80301 in pdf format Rule 80301 in Word format

Rule 80302

Building Committees (last amended 11/9/07)

Rule 80302 in pdf format Rule 80302 in Word format

Rule 80303

Use of the Available University Fund (last editorial amendment 9/18/14)

Rule 80303 in pdf format Rule 80303 in Word format

Rule 80305

Debt Policy

Rule 80305 in pdf format Rule 80305 in Word format

Rule 80307

Naming Policy (last amended 8/25/11)

Rule 80307 in pdf format Rule 80307 in Word format

Rule 80308

Inscriptions on Building Plaques

Rule 80308 in pdf format Rule 80308 in Word format

Rule 80401

Prevailing Wage Rates

Rule 80401 in pdf format Rule 80401 in Word format

Rule 80402

Major Construction and Repair and Rehabilitation Projects (last editorial amendment 12/3/12)

Rule 80402 in pdf format Rule 80402 in Word format

Rule 80403

Minor Construction and Repair and Rehabilitation Projects (last editorial amendment 12/3/12)

Rule 80403 in pdf format Rule 80403 in Word format

Rule 80404

Institutional Management of Major Construction and Repair and Rehabilitation Projects (last editorial amendment 12/3/12)

Rule 80404 in pdf format Rule 80404 in Word format

Rule 80601

Property and Casualty Insurance and Surety Bonds (last editorial amendment 10/24/13)

Rule 80601 in pdf format Rule 80601 in Word format

Rule 80702

Indirect Cost Recoveries

Rule 80702 in pdf format Rule 80702 in Word format

Rule 80801


Rule 80801 in pdf format Rule 80801 in Word format

Rule 80901

Constitutional and Legislative Restrictions on Capital Improvements (last editorial amendment 12/3/12)

Rule 80901 in pdf format Rule 80901 in Word format

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Series 90000: Intellectual Property


Complete 90000 Series

Complete 90000 Series in pdf format Complete 90000 Series in Word format

Rule 90101

Rules for Intellectual Property:  Purpose, Scope, Authority (last editorial amendment 12/8/14)

Rule 90101 in pdf format Rule 90101 in Word format

Rule 90102

Intellectual Property Rights and Obligations (last editorial amendment 12/8/14)

Rule 90102 in pdf format Rule 90102 in Word format

Rule 90103

Equity Interests (last editorial amendment 12/8/14)

Rule 90103 in pdf format Rule 90103 in Word format

Rule 90104

Business Participation and Reporting (last editorial amendment 12/8/14)

Rule 90104 in pdf format Rule 90104 in Word format

Rule 90105

Execution of Legal Documents Related to Intellectual Property (last editorial amendment 12/8/14)

Rule 90105 in pdf format Rule 90105 in Word format

Rule 90106

Income from Intellectual Property (last editorial amendment 12/8/14)

Rule 90106 in pdf format Rule 90106 in Word format

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