Reports on the Competitiveness Initiative

In biennial reports and progress updates to the Board, the chancellor provides information on measures specific to the competitiveness initiative, tied together in the context of the goals of these investments, that is critical to evaluating the success of the initiative.

Reports include quantitative data elements and analysis of impact measures related to competitiveness in the science, technology, engineering, math and medical/health (STEMM) fields. The written report to the Board includes by-institution summaries of the progress of the initiative, allowing for the different shape the initiative has taken on each campus within the framework of a set of quantitative measures.

The summaries include an overview of

  • progress and current status of the campus on a small number of quantitative measures;
  • enrollment in science, technology, engineering, math, and medical/health fields;
  • research and technology development activities on campus;
  • faculty recruitment and retention through STARs and other programs;
  • related construction projects;
  • philanthropy to support STEMM initiatives;
  • faculty awards; and
  • programs in place to provide additional incentives to excel in STEMM fields.

The first such report the Board was made by Chancellor Francisco G. Cigarroa on July 8, 2009. Find out more about the 2009 Competitiveness Initiative Update.

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