UT System Primary Compliance Risk Areas

A Number of Compliance Risk Areas identified by the University of Texas Systemwide Compliance Program are as follows:


  • Medical Billing: Billing that is not appropriately documented and coded
  • Information Security: Systems integrity/continuity/availability, security regulations and external access
  • Research: Research not conducted in accordance with approved protocol or federal regulations



Other Compliance Risk Areas


Other Compliance risk areas identified by The University of Texas Systemwide Compliance Program include:

  • Asset/Financial Management: Physical and financial assets not safeguarded
  • Conflicts of Interest: Remuneration impairing impartial recommendations (perceived or real)
  • Endowments: Not adhering to terms of endowment agreement
  • Environmental Health & Safety: Improper use and handling of hazardous materials, improper lab safety and fire safety
  • Human Resources: Noncompliance with applicable rules, regulations and laws including equal opportunities/affirmative action, leave administration and fair hiring practices
  • Intercollegiate Athletics: Noncompliance with recruiting, eligibility, extra benefits, gender equity and other rules and regulations
  • Privacy (HIPAA, FERPA, Graham-Leach-Bliley): Improper disclosure of private/sensitive/protected information
  • Student Financial Aid: Providing improper financial aid, receiving improper remuneration from lenders


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