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Billing & Coding Education Tutorial Summary


The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center has made their Billing & Coding Education Tutorial available to any employee within the University of Texas System. 


The Institutional Compliance Office at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center presents the Billing & Coding Education (B&CE) tutorial, a monthly education series designed to provide continuing education to coders, billing staff and others regarding clinical services and coding issues that may affect billing and reimbursement compliance.  Speakers often include physicians, other clinicians, or compliance professionals.  The live sessions are pre-approved for continuing education credit (CEU) by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). 




Upcoming presentations




Previous UT MD Ansderson Cancer Center Billing and Coding Education Tutorial presentations*

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Dermatology Coding

   September 08, 2010

   Presenters: Dr. Ron Rapini


The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center's monthly tutorial will cover dermatology coding.



Update on Evaluation & Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis

   July 14, 2010

   Presenters: Dr. Huifang Linda Lu


The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center's monthly tutorial will cover updates on evaluation and management of rheumatoid arthritis.



Coding Principles for Breast Reconstrucion

   June 9, 2010

   Presenter: Dr. Scott D. Oates

         Participants will gain a better understanding of the principles of CPT coding for various types of breast
         reconstruction following lumpectomy and mastectomy. In addition, coding of breast symmetry
         procedures and revision of the reconstructed breast will be discussed.  Discussion will include tissue
         expanders, breast implants, use of autologous tissue, latissimus flap, TRAM flap (pedicled, super-charged,
         free), gluteal flaps, gracilis flaps, oncoplastic reconstruction and symmetry procedures.



Computing Tomography (CT) Body Imaging

   May 12, 2010

   Presenters: Dr. Nancy Fitzgerald and Regina Jackson

         The primary objective of the session will be to provide attendees with a better understanding of how
         computed tomography is used to reveal soft-tissue and other structures that cannot be seen in
         conventional x-rays.


Diagnosis and Treatment of Oncologic Emergencies

   April 14, 2010

    Presenter: Dr. John Patlan


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