Volunteer Release Form

Volunteer Release Form


Release Date: 
October 5, 2011
Responsible Offices: 
General Counsel

Document Information

Standard contracts are forms approved by the Board of Regents or the Office of General Counsel pursuant to UT System Policy UTS145. Using a standard contract form will expedite UT System review and approval. OGC review is unnecessary unless substantive changes have been made in the new agreement. A standard contract form may be executed prior to submitting it to UT System for review and approval.

 A standard contract may be used Systemwide or it may be applicable to only one institution. Criteria for standard contract designation include:

  • Repeated use of the form. Unless the form is to be used more than a few times, the standard contract designation is not necessary
  • No substantive changes. If the form is changed or is likely to be changed in a substantive way, it is not suitable for "standard contract" designation. Changes in the names of parties, amount of consideration, date, and term are examples of "non-substantive changes."
  • Prior approval of the same or similar forms by OGC and the appropriate Executive Vice Chancellor of UT System.
  • Request to OGC for designation as a standard contract with an electronic copy of the proposed form, preferably with blanks in those parts of the agreement that would be subject to change, i.e., names, date, consideration, term.
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