FY 2014 EAC Executive Committee

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee membership is composed of the EAC Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Historian. The Executive Committee sets the agenda for all meetings, recommends changes in the EAC Organization Guidelines or procedures, and provides overall and general guidance and direction for the EAC. Additionally, the Executive Committee serves as an information resource and sounding board for the Chancellor on issues of importance to UT System Employees.


Executive Committee for Fiscal Year 2014:


JoAnn Rios, Chair (UT Health Science Center San Antonio)

ph: 210.567.2788



Gerald Cleveland, Vice Chair (UT Medical Branch)

ph: 409.772.3689



Tara Andrews, Secretary (UT Southwestern)

ph: 214.648.9713



Ronnie Garcia, Historian (UT Pan American)

ph: 956.665.2243



Ad Hoc Committees

Ad hoc committees may be appointed to assist the EAC with its work. These committees may
include institution officers or employees who are not EAC representatives; however, the chair of the ad hoc committee must be a current EAC representative. The organization and constituency of ad hoc committees will be determined by the nature of the task.


EAC - Team Unity

Team Unity
From left to right: Wendy Spencer, Joleen Gould, Beth Payne,
Sasha Grissom, Paula Austin, Tania Secrest


Team Unity

Mission: To connect all UT Campuses and employees and develop a culture of family under "UT"


Beth Payne, Cair

Joleen Gould

Tania Secrest

Amineh Baradar

Sasha Grissom

Wendy Spencer

Paula Austin

Ronnie Garcia, Executive Committee Sponsor


EAC Workforce Satisfaction / Career Ladder Committee

Workforce Satisfaction / Career Ladder Committee
From left to right: Erika Frahm, Amelia Harrell, Laurie Thompson, Kimberly Coleman,
Liana Ryan,
Leonora Martinez, Raquel Vasquez


Workforce Satisfaction / Career Ladder

Mission: To empower the workforce to invest within themselves by way of a Career Development Plan in order to support and/or ensure satisfaction and retention when encountered with adverse effects of economic uncertainty and market volatility in relation to the industry of higher education.


Kimberly Coleman, Chair

Laurie Thompson, Co-Chair

Amelia Harrell

Liana Ryan

Erika Frahm

Raquel Vasquez

Leonora Martinez


EAC Professionalism Committee

Professionalism Committee
From left to right: Dennie Clemons, Louie Rodriguez, Ryan Baldwin, Venetta Williams
Eric Solberg, Philip Abraham, Daniella Haynes



Mission: To determine if an equitable standard of professionalism exists across all institutions.


Ryan Baldwin, Chair

Philip Abraham

Dennie Clemons

Daniella Haynes

Louis Rodriguez

Eric Solberg

Venetta Williams


EAC PeopleSoft Committee

PeopleSoft Committee
From left to right: Doc Weathers, Paula Austell, Jennifer Skinner,
Rochelle Pena, Kelli Ivy, Sally Thompson



Mission: To Identify lessons learn to improve the process of system implementations and develop a best practices for future implementations. To reduce the impact and stress on Staff of a software change by having them properly prepared to insure a smooth successful implementation.


Rochelle Pena, Chair

Paula Austell

Will Choyce

Kelli Ivy

Jennifer Skinner

Sally Thompson

Ernesto Tusa

Doc Weathers


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