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Operations and Support Services-Facilities Management has been part of the ongoing UT Austin recycling effort for years at the downtown complex (the blue recycle bins).  Tons of UT System waste paper have been recycled as part of this effort.  http://www.utexas.edu/facilities/services/recycle.html


In the past there have been self managed recycling efforts for aluminum being done at the Departmental office level only.  In addition to our existing program we have been looking at improving our recycling efforts.  Currently, UT System does recycle: Lamps, Rechargable Batteries, Copper wire, Paper, Cardboard, Computer hard drives (after wiping), Phone Books, Toner.


We do not recycle: Ballasts, Plastic bottles (pending), Styrofoam cups


Coming soon to your building, recycling bins for aluminium cans!


ASH 2 Kitchen (available for meetings)

ASH 9 Kitchen (available for meetings)

CLB 2 Kitchen

CLB 3 Kitchen

CLB 4 Kitchen

CLB 6 Kitchen

LAV 1 Kitchen

OHH 1 Kitchen

OHH 4 Kitchen (if space available)

CTJ Basement

CTJ 2 Break Area


To submit a request for additional bins, please submit a Maintenance Request. Feasibility of recycling bin locations will be reviewed by staff to determine most efficient placement.

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