About Us

What we do:

  • Advise (Assist U. T. System Institutions to commercialize)
  • Facilitate access to capital
  • Facilitate access to entrepreneurial talent
  • Provide scalable, shared services
  • Communicate, educate and report
  • Support thematic partnering (e.g., license bundling)

Our approach is to:

  • Enable better access to financing capital, management talent and other important resources necessary for commercialization of technology;
  • Identify critical pathways for IP bundling and thematic partnering through collaborative business development;
  • Communicate clear metrics and results, supporting academic, health, economic development and legislative initiatives

Our activities include:

  • Technology development (spinning technology ventures out of U.T. research for commercialization)
  • Business development (partnering with industry and venture capital)
  • Enterprise development (creating programs and subsidiaries)
  • Economic development (growing the economy for Texans and Americans)

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