A-PRIME: Accelerated Professional, Relevant, Integrated Medical Education


The goal of the A PRIME TIME partnership is to develop a model of physician education that is widely recognized for its innovative approach, educational effectiveness, and professionalism of its graduates through a curriculum that: is accessible to diverse groups of students and produces competent, compassionate physicians; fosters students to become caring and compassionate physicians by learning about a career in medicine while developing a professional identity early in their academic timetable; enables academic and medical institutions to jointly create a shared and more efficient, coordinated curriculum in a shortened timeframe; educates physicians trained and assessed in a range of cognitive, affective, and psycho-motor traits throughout their undergraduate and medical education, and, ultimately; achieves better health care outcomes for Texas.


A-PRIME Website

FAME: Facilitated Acceptance to Medical Education


The goal of the FAME Program is to graduate physicians who have acquired exceptional knowledge of the sciences basic to medical practice, in addition to acquiring professional skills, and a keen understanding of the social, cultural, and behavioral aspects of health care. The students in this program will complete all requirements for a Baccalaureate and MD degree in a total of seven (7) years. In addition to a new medical school curriculum, the students will participate in eight new courses which will be developed and team taught by UTSA and UTHSCSA faculty. These courses will include content that focuses on medically-related topics. The capstones of the FAME program are GATEWAY seminar courses. GATEWAY courses will expose students to the many aspects of patient care and to the unique needs of their community. The GATEWAY courses will focus not only on the biology and pathophysiology of the diseases and clinical issues, but will also incorporate a multidisciplinary approach that emphasizes the importance of communication, leadership, the role of health economics, and the social and cultural aspects of patient care.


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PACT: Partnership in Advancing Clinical Transition


The UT Partnership in Advancing Clinical Transition (UT PACT) is a curriculum development and pilot implementation program with the overall goal of achieving better integration of undergraduate and graduate studies in preparation for careers in health care. The University of Texas at Dallas and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School are the founding partners in the UT PACT. Initial efforts are focused on establishing an accelerated 6 or 7-year training program leading to both B.S. and M.D. degrees. A highly interactive program, with commencement of clinical skills training at the end of the first year and early professional identify formation, is fostered by the proximity of our campuses in the metroplex. Students transition to the medical school in the fourth year, maintaining ties to UTD from which electives in humanities, health care policy, and biomedical engineering will continue to broaden their perspective and skills as health care professionals.


PACT – UT Dallas
PACT – UT Southwestern

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