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  • "JAMP gave me invaluable experience through the summer internships which has helped me succeed thus far in medical school. The financial assistance offered, both in undergrad and med school, has also been a tremendous help."

    —Daniel Callaway,
    JAMP Medical School Graduate

    Knowledge Assessment Test

    Upon entering JAMP, students will take a Knowledge Assessment Test to determine proficiency in foundational concepts of Biology and General Chemistry. These results determine to which Summer I enrichment track the student will be assigned.

    Phase I - Summer I

    Students may be assigned to the following Phase I programs:

    • Critical Thinking (10 hrs/week)
      • Verbal reasoning, reading comprehension (speed, vocabulary)
    • General Chemistry (8 hrs/week)
      • Full and in-depth coverage of General Chemistry topics relevant to the MCAT.
    • Biology (8 hrs/week)
      • Full and in-depth coverage of Biology topics relevant to the MCAT.
    • Science component: Physiology and/or Anatomy or another science
    • Preceptorships/clinical exposure
    • Seminars on Ethics/Professionalism
    • Other academic/professional activities

    Phase II - Junior Academic Year

    Students will receive the following resources as part of the Live Online Kaplan preparation:

    • Live Online (LOL) Program – 300+ hours of comprehensive prep over 6 months taught in a live online class with designated class dates and times. Provides students with access to the Kaplan Library of MCAT Preparation modules.
    • Online Review Sessions – Students will be required to attend 3 out of 5 live review sessions during which they can ask questions of an instructor covering any aspect of the MCAT prep.

    *All students in Phase II must take the MCAT by the March 2014 test date.


    Student Resources

    Tuesday Live Online Syllabus - Click here

    Wednesday Live Online Syllabus - Click here

    Review Sessions - Click here

    MCAT Prep Handbook - Click here


    JAMP MCAT Contact

    For questions or concerns, please contact:

    Enrique Jasso
    JAMP Admissions Counselor