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UPDATE: Transition to Direct Billing for Long Term Care Coverage

UPDATE: Transition to Direct Billing for Long Term Care Coverage

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

In the August edition of the monthly A Matter of Health newsletter, we provided an update regarding the billing transition for employees with Long Term Care (LTC) coverage with CNA from payroll deduction at the institutions to a direct billing arrangement. This transition has taken somewhat longer than expected. If you had a policy with CNA that was paid through payroll deduction, you should have received a letter from CHCS Services Inc. in October explaining that they are the administrator for CNA. If you were already on a direct bill for LTC because you are retired or have been on a leave of absence, your billing should have continued uninterrupted.

Bills began mailing November 23rd so most should have reached participants by now. If you have not received your billing statement or have questions regarding your Long Term Care Certificate, please contact CNA customer service at (800)262-4580. Written correspondence can be mailed to Group Long Term Care, PO Box 13327, Pensacola, FL 32591.

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