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Contracts and Contracting Resources

Contracts and Contracting Resources

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Business Law

Business Law Standard Contracts*

System-wide Contracts for Goods and Services:

Templates for Procurement of Goods and Services (UT Authentication required):

See Procurement Resources (formerly Purchasing Council) website for additional Goods and Services resources.

See Delegations of Authority for UT Institutions website for charts and other delegation-related resources.

For additional information regarding Business Law Contracts, please contact Dana Hollingsworth at

Claims and Financial Litigation

Claims and Financial Litigation Standard Contracts*:

For additional information regarding Claims and Financial Litigation Contracts, please contact Traci Cotton at

General Law

General Law Agreements and Forms:

  • Affiliations
  • Employment
  • Releases and Indemnity
  • General Law Standard Agreements

For additional information regarding General Law Agreements and Forms, please contact Omar Syed at

Real Estate Office

Real Estate Contracts

For additional information regarding Real Estate Contracts, please contact Kirk Tames at

* “Standard Contracts” are forms developed and approved by the Office of General Counsel (OGC) pursuant to UT System Policy
UTS145.  Using a “Standard Contract” form will expedite UT System review and approval.  OGC review is not required for “Standard Contracts” unless substantive changes are made to the “Standard Contract” form.  Non-substantive changes to a “Standard Contract” form do not require OGC review.  Changes to the names of parties, amount of consideration, date, and term are examples of “non-substantive changes.” © 2016 The University of Texas System.
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