Contracts: Standard Contracts, Model Contracts, and Additional Resources

Contracts: Standard Contracts, Model Contracts, and Additional Resources
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Standard Contracts   |   Model Contracts  |  Additional Resources

The Office of General Counsel provides specialized legal and professional services to UT System Administration and all of the UT System institutions in many areas, including:

These legal and professional services include:

  • advice on data security matters
  • review and negotiation of contracts
  • development of standard contracts and contract templates
  • advice and counsel, regarding:
    • procurement matters
    • new and innovative methods of construction project delivery
    • contract disputes
    • other contract matters  

To request OGC review of a contract, please complete the OGC Contract and Procurement Solicitation Intake Form.

Standard Contracts

  • are approved by the Board of Regents or the Office of General Counsel, pursuant to UT System Policy UTS145 
  • usage will expedite UT System review and approval
  • review by OGC is unnecessary, unless substantive changes have been made in the new agreement
  • may be executed prior to submitting to UT System for review and approval
  • may be used Systemwide, or may be applicable to only one institution

Criteria for standard contract designation include:

  • Repeated use of the form. Unless the form is to be used more than a few times, the standard contract designation is not necessary.
  • No substantive changes. If the form is changed or is likely to be changed in a substantive way, it is not suitable for "standard contract" designation. Changes in the names of parties, amount of consideration, date, and term are examples of "non-substantive changes."
  • Prior approval of the same or similar forms by OGC and the appropriate Executive Vice Chancellor of UT System.
  • Request to OGC for designation as a standard contract with an electronic copy of the proposed form, preferably with blanks in those parts of the agreement that would be subject to change, i.e., names, date, consideration, term. 

Go to the Purchasing Council page to search for a Systemwide Standard Contract or Release and Indemnity Agreement.

Model Contracts

  • agreements that have not been designated as standard contracts but are examples of good drafting and treatment of a given subject matter
  • must be approved by OGC and the appropriate Executive Vice Chancellor 
  • use should expedite the approval process in most instances

Go to the Construction Contracts and Procurement Solicitations page to search for Construction Contracts and Procurement Solicitations or Service Contracts and Procurement Solicitations; or, go to The University of Texas System Purchasing Council webpage.

Additional Resources

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