Texas FreshAIR

Texas FreshAIR
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Upcoming Events

Texas FreshAIR 2015
Conference - Dallas
October 28-29th, 2015

Past Events

Texas FreshAIR 2014
Conference - Houston 
October 23-24, 2014


BioNews Texas article
October 3, 2013

BioNews Texas article
September 24, 2013

The University of Texas System FreshAIR initiative is an effort to create successful partnerships between UT System health institutions and the life sciences industry. Visit the FreshAIR website to learn more.

Success stories:

In 2014, Vanessa Sperandio, Ph.D., a professor in the Department of Microbiology and Biochemistry at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center was one of the winners of GSK’s Discovery Fast Track Challenge and has been collaborating with GSK since then on finding therapeutic solutions to virulent E. coli outbreaks. Read her success story here.

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