About the Institute

About the Institute
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Established in 2012, The Institute for Transformational Learning has three overarching goals:

  • To establish University of Texas institutions as world leaders in developing and implementing best-in-class resources for online learning
  • To expand access to educational programs that will improve learning and reduce costs, and
  • To promote a culture of educational innovation throughout the UT System.

The Institute has $50 million in funding, allocated by the University of Texas System Board of Regents. Overseen by a national advisory board consisting of leading authorities on the science of learning, student engagement, online instruction, and assessment, the Institute will award competitive grants to:

  • Improve learning outcomes in large, gateway courses with historically high attrition rates
  • Develop "best-in-class" blended and online degree and certificate programs and courses
  • Enhance college readiness by better aligning K-12 and university curricula and providing professional development training and support to high school teachers
  • Devise and evaluate high quality tools to diagnose and address deficiencies in student knowledge and skills, reducing the need for remediation
  • Create innovative teaching tools and learning environments to promote interactivity, encourage active learning, and promote continuous improvement of course quality and effectiveness.  These might include embedded assessments, social knowledge networks, simulations, visualization, gaming, interactive laboratories, and virtual reality environments.

The Institute will also:

  • Create an inventory of high quality online classes to help reduce time to degree and costs to students while advancing educational quality
  • Cultivate public-private partnerships to accelerate innovation in blended and online learning 
  • Advance the UT System's efforts to help working adults complete their bachelor's degree. 
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