Transmittal Forms

These template forms are approved by the Board of Regents or the Office of General Counsel pursuant to UT System Policy UTS125 Processing of Sponsored Research Agreements. This policy provides the steps to follow to process sponsored research agreements. Using these transmittal forms will expedite UT System review and approval. OGC review is unnecessary unless substantive changes have been made in the new agreement. A standard contract form may be executed prior to submitting it to OGC for review and approval.

  • Form A Standard Research Agreement (SRA)
  • Form B SRA with Non-Substantive Modifications
  • Form C Company Universal Agreement (CUA)
  • Form D CUA with Non-Substantive Modifications
  • Form E Renewal or Extension of Previously Approved Research Agreement
  • Form F Sponsored Research Agreement (Conforming)
  • Form F/Software (Use with Conforming Software Agreements)
  • Form G Non-Conforming Intellectual Property Agreement
  • Form L for License transmittal (Use with UT System License or Option Agreements)
  • Form Q (Use with Conforming Clinical Trial Agreements)

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