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Contract Management Guide


Procurement Manual

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Best Value Procurement Statutes:

51.9335 Texas Education Code (higher education, generally)
73.115 Texas Education Code (MD Anderson)
74.008 Texas Education Code (UTMB)

Contract Execution Instructions

Contracting Processes Flowchart (re UTS145)

Contract Processing Refresher Training Handout (UT System Office of Business Affairs)

Delegations of Authority - OGC Web Page

Delegations of Authority - Recommendations for Drafting Delegation Memoranda

Directories at Component Institutions



Electronic and Information Resources (EIR) Notification


IT Accessibility for Managers (Webinar by The University of California)

Interagency Contracts: DIR Rules Related to Interagency Contracts: 1 TAC 204.31

National Contract Management Association

Nepotism Disclosure Form (required for contracts over $1 million)


See: Texas Government Code 2262.004

Office of the Comptroller

Outside Counsel Contracts:
- Adopted Rules - 39 TexReg 4233
- 1 TAC 57.4 and 57.5



UTS145 - Processing of Contracts and UTS145 Flow Chart


UTS148 - Protest Procedures Related to Procurements of Goods and Services


UTS156 - Purchaser Training and Certification


UTS159 - Purchasing

Purchasing Council Member List

(Contact Ynes Alderson at UT Permian Basin to update.)

Required ADR: Do We Have To?

Required Contract Clauses Reference Materials

Revenue Generating Contracts, Revenue Sharing Contracts, and Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT)

Texas Facilities Commission (fka Texas Building and Procurement Commission (TBPC))

Texas Legislature Online

Texas Register

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