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Biological & Chemical Safety Advisory Group

Organizational Guidelines

The Biological and Chemical Advisory Group (BCSAG) is a standing subcommittee of The University of Texas System (the UT System) Environmental Health and Safety Advisory Committee (EHSAC). Each Institution will be represented on the BCSAG by the Biological and CHemical Safety Officer for the Institution or a delegate appointed by the Environmental Health and Safety Manager. The UT System will designate an additional representative.

The BCSAG will select form its membership a Chair to serve for a period of two consecutive years. The BCSAG will select from its membership a Chair-elect (Vice Chair) who will serve for a two period of two years and succeed the Chair for a two-year term. The Chair-elect will serve as the Vice Chair for the BCSAG and shall not be from the same Institution. The selection of the Chair and Vice Chair shall be subject to approval of the EHSAC.

The BCSAG will meet at least two times each calendar year at the call of the Chair. The Chair will give notice of the proposed agenda and meeting details to the Chair of the EHSAC not less than ten days prior to the distribution of the meeting notice. Meeting minutes will be taken and distributed to the membership for the BCSAG and the Chair of the EHSAC by the Recording Secretary within twenty working days after the meeting. Meetings may be held by teleconference, video conference, or in person.

The UT System representative on the BCSAG will be the principal liaison between the BCSAG and the UT System. Recommendations of the BCSAG will be brought to the EHSAC by the Chair of the BCSAG and, as necessary and appropriate, will be brought to the attention of the UT System by the UT System representative. At each meeting of the EHSAC, the Chair of the BCSAG or the Chair's delegate, shall present a report of the activities of the BCSAG. The report may be given in person, in writing, by teleconference, or by video teleconference at the discretion of the Chair of the BCSAG. A presentation of the report in person may be requested by either the Chair of the EHSAC or the Chair of the BCSAG.

The BCSAG will develop a mission statement to support the need and desirability of maintaining the BCSAG as a standing subcommittee of the EHSAC.

At the October 2006 EHSAC meeting it was determined that all subgroups would use the EHSAC Guidelines since they include guidelines for the subgroups.


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