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Environmental Advisory Group

The Environmental Advisory Group (EAG) is comprised of representatives of the Institutions and various offices of The University of Texas System (the UT System). Each Institution is represented by the individual with institutional responsibility for environmental safety.



Under the guidance and approval of the Environmental Health and Safety Advisory Committee, the EAG will create and sustain programs and practices that protect our environmental and natural resources in support of The University of Texas mission of excellence in educational opportunities, research, and health care. To fulfill this mission, the EAG will seek to:

  • Serve as a mechanism for the free exchange of information, cooperation and collaboration among the Institutions and various UT System offices on environmental related issues
  • Emphasize and enhance communication and cooperation among the component Institutions and various UT System offices with regard to environmental issues
  • Support the hiring, retention and training of high-quality, dedicated, and diverse environmental health and safety staff
  • Develop and implement uniform Systemwide policies to comply with rules, regulations, and best practices pertaining to the protection of the environment and encourage timely resolution for any non-compliance
  • Anticipate, recognize, evaluate, and recommend strategies to control risks that have the potential to adversely impact the environment
  • Serve as a model to students, faculty, staff, patients, visitors and our surrounding communities with our commitment to environmental stewardship
  • Develop partnerships within the campus community, and also with regulatory agencies and the surrounding communities to promote protection of the environment

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