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Radiation Safety Advisory Group

Organizational Guidelines

The Radiation Safety Advisory Group (RSAG) is a standing subcommittee of The University of Texas System (the UT System) Environmental Health and Safety Advisory Committee (EHSAC). The RSAG will base its by-laws on the following organizational guidelines:

  1. Each Institution will be represented on the RSAG by the Radiation Safety Officer(s) or the Laser Safety Officer(s) or their delegate. The Radiation Safety Officer for the UT System Interim Storage Facility (UTSISF) will also be a member of the RSAG. The UT System will designate an additional appropriate representative. Each Institution will have one voting delegate per meeting.
  2. The RSAG will select from its membership a Chairperson to serve for a period of two consecutive calendar years. The Chairperson's term of office shall begin on the first meeting of the calendar year. Concomitantly, the RSAG will select from its membership a Chairperson-elect who will serve for a period of two years and succeed the Chairperson for a two-year term. The Chairperson-elect will serve as the Vice-Chairperson and Recording Secretary. The Chairperson of the RSAG and the Chairperson of the EHSAC shall not be from the same Institution. The selection of the Chairperson and Chairperson-elect shall be subject to the approval of the EHSAC. Upon the resignation of the Chairperson the Vice-Chair will immediately occupy the position of Chair and elections will be held at the next meeting for Chair-elect.
  3. The RSAG will meet at least two times each calendar year at the call of the Chairperson. In case of the need for an emergency meeting, the EHSAC will be notified at the time the RSAG members are notified. When possible, meetings will be scheduled in conjunction with meetings of a chapter of the Health Physics Society or other appropriate professional organizations active in the state. Meeting minutes will be taken, and distributed to the membership of the RSAG prior to the next meeting date. Meetings may be held by teleconference, video teleconference, or in person.
  4. The UT System representative on the RSAG will be the principal liaison between the RSAG and the UT System. Recommendations of the RSAG will be brought to the EHSAC by the Chair of the RSAG and, as necessary and appropriate, will be brought to the attention of the UT System by the UT System representative. At each meeting of EHSAC, the Chair of the RSAG or the Chair's delegate, shall present a report of the activities of the RSAG, including the activities of the Radiation Safety Committee for the UTSISF. The report may be given in person, in writing, by teleconference, or by video teleconference at the discretion of the Chair of the RSAG. A presentation of the report in person may be requested by either the Chair of the EHSAC or the Chair of the RSAG, in which event the report shall be made in person.
  5. The RSAG will select from among its members the members of the Radiation Safety Committee for the UTSISF and shall work cooperatively to ensure the safe operation of this facility in accordance with the license and all applicable laws and regulations. Selections of members for the Radiation Safety Committee are subject to the approval of EHSAC and the Office of Business Affairs (West Texas Lands and Endowment Real Estate.)
  6. The RSAG will develop a mission statement to support the need for and desirability of maintaining the RSAG as a standing subcommittee of the EHSAC. The RSAG is authorized to make independent judgments and take action independent of the EHSAC that affects Systemwide activities regarding radiation safety provided that:
  • The chair of the EHSAC is notified in writing that such action will be taken at least ten working days before such action is taken, and;
  • Any action that will materially impact the budget of the Office of Environmental Health and Safety at any institution is approved by the Director of such office; provided, however, that the RSAG may take necessary emergency action with regard to the UTSISF at any time so long as written notice of such action is given to the chair of the EHSAC as soon as reasonably possible.

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