Risk Accounting

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Staff Responsibilities

Robert (Bob) Carson, CPA – Manager of Risk Accounting

Phone: 512.499.4649

Fax: 512.499.4674

  • Manages Risk Accounting staff
  • Oversees the Risk Management Accounting processes
  • Interfaces with actuaries for the Risk Management and Office of General Counsel self-insured plans
  • Coordinates TALX and NextJob services to UT System institutions
  • Prepares Cost of Risk reports
  • Reviews the Risk Management self-insured plan financial statements


Cindy Carrillo – Accounting Group Supervisor

Phone: 512.499.4654

Fax: 512.499.4674

Manages Accounting Assistants and the following program areas:

  • Submits information to actuary for WCI/UCI/RAP
  • Analyze monthly WCI/UCI Premium reports
  • ROCIP and self-insured plans premium billing
  • Unemployment Compensation Insurance (UCI)
  • Review reconciliation reports

Workers' Compensation Insurance Accounting Support

  • Daily payment vouchers
  • Reconcile benefit account
  • Questions on claimant and provider payments
  • Questions on reports received by accounting section
  • Stale dated check report
  • Oversee medical fee audit billing
  • Status change request report


Meredith (Candi) Mitchell-Williams – Accounting Associate

Phone: 512.499.4580

Fax: 512.499.4674

Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) contact for Institutions’ questions concerning:

    • Enrollment in PLI
    • Billing – PLI, Externship, Student 
    • Quarterly and Monthly billing reports
    • Expired license reports for physicians and dentist enrolled in the PLAN
    • Access to and problems with the PLANet system
    • Certificates of insurance for enrollees in PLI
  • Process payment vouchers for PLI plan
  • Reconcile PLI account


Amanda Matalon – Accounting Assistant

Phone: 512.499.4581

Fax: 512.499.4674

  • Provides administrative support for Accounting Group Supervisor and other Risk Accounting staff
  • Reconciliation of ORM Accounts
  • Maintains monthly WCI/UCI Premium spreadsheets

WCI Support

  • Cancel, Stop Pay, Refunds
  • Sends out Status One Report
  • Review transmission error reports

PLI Support

  • Verify physician enrollment
  • Maintain legal reserve fund balances
  • Prepare Medical Examiner Expense reports and monitor the balance


Yixin (Betty) Yao – Accounting Assistant

Phone: 512.499.4452

Fax: 512.499.4674

  • Provides administrative support for Accounting Group Supervisor and other Risk Accounting staff
  • Process department  payment invoices and deposits in PSACCT (internal bill tracking system)
  • Process travel reimbursements (WCI-Austin Field office only)

WCI Support

  • Prepare daily vouchers
  • UTEID setups
  • Reimbursements
  • Check Requests

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